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    Default 50 hour update

    Thanks to the advice I received here I bought a Century 2535 which is now at 55 hours. I wanted to update those who helped me decide on this tractor and for those looking at buying a new tractor.

    First, if I was buying again, I'd still buy the same tractor!

    It has plenty of power, runs very strong and handles well. I run a 6 foot bush hog on it cutting down anything I can run over. Mostly small trees! I had to add some weight to the front since I don't have a FEL, but that was a problem easily fixed on a rainly day.

    Issues that I've had to deal with.

    The transmission wouldn't stay in 4th gear. Warrentee fix. Just needed adjusting.

    Not haveing a FEL has created a few problems that the FEL might of avoided. The front nose took a real beeting, I lost the screens to small branches right off. A short time later I destroyed the nose completly getting it tangled in vines over an inch thick while bush hogging a very large blackberry bush area. Another guy who ownes a Century with a FEL destroyed his front nose and radiator when a branch went straight through everything and stopped when it hit the engine block. No garrantee of protection even with a FEL.

    While clearing a field for my deer plot a small branch took out the nipple on my power steering resivoir. I've added grills and plates of steel to protect these areas.

    I did have some problems getting a replacement resivor, which my dealer ended up taking off a brand new tractor on his lot.

    Another real problem was getting the front nose. It took over 6 weeks to arrive. This is way too long and I'm not happy with this aspect of Century.

    All other parts have arrived in a day or two max.

    While operating without the nose I lost the lever to open the hood. Things just fall off sometimes. I also lost the pins to the rear three point bars and the tow bar.

    The ignition wouldn't turn off. At first I'd kill it buy putting in gear and stalling the engine, then after advice from here I just kept turning the key on and off until it stopped. Never more than 6 tries. Warrentee worked fixed the loose wireing.

    The oil line along the side of the engine started leaking. Warrentee work replaced the line.

    Hydrolic oil leak from the rear 3pt area. Warentee work to fix.

    I've had to add slime to three tires so far. They all have had tubes in them, which I had to pay to remove before adding slime. Since slime, no problems.

    For the new buyer of any brand of tractor, slime the front tires the day your tractor arrives. It's cheap insurance!

    She's all back together now and even washed. All the oils have been changed and no problems found.

    Like I said, she's a good tractor and for the price a really good investment in my property!

    Good luck and Thanks!

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    Default Re: 50 hour update

    Glad to hear you got the shut off problem fixed that we were chatting about. I'm also glad that even though you've had a few difficulties that you are satisfied with your tractor. I got my first chance to put one of my Centurys on my lot to the test last weekend. We were doing a demo for a guy that was mowing down old thistles and weeds and prickly ash with a 6 foot brush hog on my 2535. Just like you said, plenty of power and lots of speeds to choose from. Was fun watching him run the machine with a big smile on his face. Now he's trying to figure out how to buy the tractor when his wife is not quite convinced. We even let her mow for awhile.
    We'll have to see how it turns out.
    Glad you and your Century are getting along

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