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    Default Re: Tractor loss of power

    this probably helps. note the ground speed. I am shifting thru the gears for reference so you can see 1st/3rd etc.

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    Default Re: Tractor loss of power

    Quote Originally Posted by ericm979 View Post
    If it was the brakes dragging it'd be the same with the PTO on vs off.

    Do your tractor have an independent PTO, or live (two stage clutch) or transmission? Are you testing with an implement on the PTO?

    "without the load on the PTO it seems to have good low end but as the RPMs climb the speed starts to struggle" could you explain that a little more?

    Clutch....the reason a little more power without PTO load is simply that it reduces drag and PTO hp being used. Look and see if there are any clutch adjustments that can be made to your tractor model. I wouldn't use the tractor until such adjustments are made as it will cause more clutch pack damage.

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    Default Re: Tractor loss of power

    Yep a slipping clutch would match the description and what I could glean from the video. If the motor was slowing down I'd expect a fuel flow problem. Agree that the clutch adjustment needs to be checked.

    The video would be more useful if the was camera in landscape mode.

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    Default Re: Tractor loss of power

    Clutch. Definitely. That tractor should have jumped when you let out the clutch that fast,. Make sure to replace that rear engine seal if there is any sign of leaking as well.

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