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    Default Dealer in North Florida or South Georgia

    Like many others that discovered this wonderful site I have been lurking for a while and reading.

    After much reading I am interested in looking harder at Branson and Kioti as they both seem to offer the best value for the money.

    There is a Kioti dealer that is not too too far from our property in north Florida but the closest Branson dealer I have located is in Ocala, which is some distance away. I was hoping to locate one closer.

    Is anyone aware of a dealer in this area. My soon to be homestead is in Madison Florida, Talahassee is about 55 miles west and Valdosta is about 30 miles north.

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    Default Re: Dealer in North Florida or South Georgia

    Lazenby Eqpmnt is in Hampton. 904-964-4238

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    Default Re: Dealer in North Florida or South Georgia

    This is a Century dealership that shows up as being 25 miles from you. The Century is Bransons twin brother with the main difference being in just the loaders.

    Suwannee Equipment
    3869 US Hwy. 129 N.
    Live Oak, FL 32060
    Phone: 386-364-7081

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    Default Re: Dealer in North Florida or South Georgia

    Have sent P.M.; the dealer in Ocala sells Kioti and Bransons.

    I have stopped by the Massey dealer between Live Oak and Lake City, that is suppost to be a Century dealer, and I did not see any Century tractors!!!

    As mentioned, we go to Madison on Sunday; on several passess did not see any Century Tractors.

    I looked hard at both "K" tractors, and Bransons, plus the big boys, John Deere, New Holland.

    You are welcome to come by and mow pines, move sand, and push trees.

    If you did not get P.M. let me know;

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