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    Default Shuttle shift grinds on Century 2035

    I am looking at buying a 2001 Century 2035 w/ C50 loader and only 70 hours . When I test drove it the shuttle would grind a little when shifting from reverse to forward if it was moving at all. It didn't grind going into reverse even in motion. Is this normal or does it need to come to a complete stop ? Is the syncro bad?
    What is a good price for this ? He is asking $10,500 firm with a box scraper. Sorry for all the questions. This is a very helpful forum !Thanks.

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    Default Re: Shuttle shift grinds on Century 2035

    Is it a 2035 or a 2535? 2035 is older. Is their a FEL? what shape is the tractor in? Ags? Industrials? Where are you located?
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    Default Re: Shuttle shift grinds on Century 2035

    It is a 2035 with a Mitsubishi engine and as I said it has the C50 loader. He bought the tractor new in 2003 but it may be an older model then that. Has Ag tires and in good condition. Except for the grinding when in motion . I am in Northern Wisconsin. Thanks for any help. Greg

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