My father in law recently gave me his Stihl 011 av chainsaw. I have used it many times in the past and most recently about a month ago. I attempted to use it yesterday and could hardly get it to start. When it did start, smoke started to come out near the oil pump line (not the exhaust) which it has never done.

Since then I have:
- mixes fresh gas with stihl oil
- checked fuel filter
- cleaned air filter
- new spark plug
- checked all fuel hoses for leaks (visual not with a pressure test)
- pulled the carburetor, cleaned and checked
- removed the muffler and cleaned (no screen - don't know if there should be one)
- noticed the oil was not not lubricating the bar and replaced the oil pump after checking the worm gear and line for blockage

At this point, I think it will run but the smoke is a concern. I don't want to damage something by ignoring it. Any suggestions would be appreciated.