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    Default Stihl Gas and Oil Caps

    I know this subject has been beaten to death, but I had an amusing experience at my local John Deere/Stihl dealer today.

    I was waiting for a tractor part and saw a new Stihl chainsaw sitting on the shelf next to me. I've been thinking about buying a new 260 for awhile now, but have had some reservations due to the "fuel cap fiasco".

    So, I decided to "test drive" the caps on the sample saw. I did OK on the fuel cap, but couldn't get the oil cap back on for anything. Cutting to the chase, it took the general manager, service manager and parts guy about 10 minutes to figure out how to get the oil cap back on.

    However, the parts guy assured me "It's a LOT better design because the old ones leak after awhile".

    I have a 20 year old Stihl with screw on caps and have NEVER had a leak problem of any kind. Nor have I ever had a problem reinstalling them.

    Rather than argue the point, I just smiled and said thanks for the demonstration.

    Talk about an "over-engineered solution for a problem that didn't exist".....
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    Default Re: Stihl Gas and Oil Caps

    I can relate to that.I,m glad its a common problem.I thought it was me.I,ll have to put that in the tamper proof pill bottle cat !

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    Some claim they love the flippy style caps, of course some believe in the Tooth Fairy too.

    I was a former Stihl head. The flippy caps have pushed me to other brands, and I have NO regrets. Until Stihl puts a respectable cap back on their equipment, I have bought my last piece of their equipment.

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    Default Re: Stihl Gas and Oil Caps

    Until you have had the wonderful experience of getting you shirt, pants and boots soaked with bar oil while getting firewood on the day before deer season you haven't lived.

    There went 1/3 of the outer clothes I had brought for a two-week camp. And the best part is my buddy showed me how to put the caps on "right" and did the same thing to himself 5 minutes later.
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    Default Re: Stihl Gas and Oil Caps

    I've got a Stihl FS-130 brushcutter with the new style fuel cap, had no problems with it in the past three years. Haven't seen the oil caps on their saws though.. next time I'm in a dealership I'll have a look.

    I did have a leaky fuel cap on my 023 though, screw type cap. It turns out there's at least two different style seal rings for them, one is round and the other is a rectangular section seal. You can't interchange them or it'll leak.


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    Default Re: Stihl Gas and Oil Caps

    My Stihl 290's flip caps are good to go so far. My Stihl back pack leaf blower.....the gas cap has been giving e a fit lately. its also the flip style. Just won't latch right and when you think it sling that bad boy over your back only to be doused with gas!!!
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    Default Re: Stihl Gas and Oil Caps

    That makes me laugh. I was cutting wood with my brother, and we stopped and went into the shop to re-fuel. I was struggling with the flippy cap on my oil tank, and he made a point to show me how to do it. He then refilled his oil tank, and as we were walking make outside, there was a trail of oil all the way to the log pile!!!


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    Default Re: Stihl Gas and Oil Caps

    I bought a Stihl 260 a few months back. Love the saw. Zero problems with the gas cap but sometimes the oil cap is a bit fussy. It's not a big enough deal that I would want another saw.

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    Default Re: Stihl Gas and Oil Caps

    I've been lucky. I have 4 items with flip caps and no problems. But, a couple of weeks ago I was at a dealer and saw a poster about an improved cap that's available. I beleive Stihl is replaceing them for free. The improved cap has a different letter code somewhere on it. I didn't pay much attention since I'm not having a problem, but might be worth a call to your dealer.


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    Default Re: Stihl Gas and Oil Caps

    Have a Stihl string trimmer with the flip cap. That thing is a pain. Sometimes it takes me 5 min to get the cap on. I hope they come up with a more reliable design. Other than the cap the trimmer is great.

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