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I use a Husky 395XP on a Logosol mill.
I gave my Husky a muffler mod and it's a beast. I had trouble breaking the original low profile chains and went to a 3/8 pitch, .063 gage.

I go with about a 10 degree angle, but here's the real tip for aggressive cutting:

Use a smaller dia. file than called for. This makes the top angle more acute and it really makes a difference in cutting speed.
After all, when your're milling, it's the top edge that you're cutting with.

A soapy water feed helps a lot also; it keeps the dust down and the sap off of the chain.

And keep the chain SHARP and with no more than about .025 or .030 on the depth, or you'll be breaking chains if you have a sizeable saw.

Happy milling,
Now here's a guy with the voice of an experienced ripper. Good tips there Arky.