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    Default Re: What are you paying for Stihl chain?

    Quote Originally Posted by fabsroman View Post
    My saw was brand new. The gas was 89 octane from Shell with Stihl oil mixed in. Should I be going with the premium grade gas instead of the medium grade? It won't break the bank.

    Maybe I'll try to start the saw tomorrow and see how it does. Don't know if I will be getting back out in the next week or so. Hoping to get some cutting done on Wednesday, but who knows with the schedule I have.
    In warm climates ethanol gas mix seems short lived. Even in Ny I lost a tank in a little over 45 days this spring.
    I've been switching between Stihls canned mix that is sweet (old style gas) and my own mix with super! Quick starts and great life, the only disadvantage is the $$$$ but if they don't run then it is cheap!

    The ethanol is just another reason to dislike obama, if gas was two dollars a gallon it wouldn't have ethanol in it! That is the hidden cost!!

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    Default Re: What are you paying for Stihl chain?

    LD1 the chain came out about same time and on the new stihl 201T . I dont think it be good for your type of work in dirt etc.
    Think the idea was for the top handle 200T and 201T when the guys are in the trees trimming.

    My test loop I bought in 56dl was $23 before tax OUCH! (but I did some trading for it) and no my 4 local stihl dealers couldnt get it for me. Even when I told them where my loop came from and it was the same place they order from except this dealer was a state south of me..

    I just ordered a 25' roll of ps3 and had to bypass my dealers again and have it shipped in from out west this time.
    REDNECK Chainsaw Repair

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    Learn to hand file your chains. Only way to do it in my opinion.

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    Default Re: What are you paying for Stihl chain?

    Every local shop seems to sell Stihl Chain at list price here.

    Internet research has turned up Stihl Chain from Stihl Dealers priced much less... the problems is none will ship... in store sales only per Stihl policy...

    Why would some shops sell at 40% less?

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    Default Re: What are you paying for Stihl chain?

    Local Stihl dealer here sells chain at retail...
    I just had my 019t tuned up with a new chain and the old one sharpened...
    I used to cut firewood years ago but do not now...
    I only used my small Stihl for trimming up trees and shrubs around the house...
    That 019t is a very good saw...
    It is a lot better than I am...

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    Default Re: What are you paying for Stihl chain?

    Get a couple catalogs from dealers who sell on-line. Watch their specials. is good as are others.

    I can usually find 'two fers'. I don't recall ever paying prices above the mid/hi teens for 20" loops.

    Best I saw was the other day:


    3 Loop Oregon Chain Sale: 20" 3/8 $10, 18" .325 $10, 16" .325 $8.75

    Hi folks, we got a great deal here on 3 different Oregon chain loops. For a limited time, get 20" loops (72DL) of 72LGX chain for $10, 18" loops (72DL) of .325" 20LPX chain for $10, and 16" loops (66DL) of .325" 20LPX chain for $8.75. All chains are chisel, non-safety .050" gauge. Supplies are limited, but this offer should be good at least through Sunday, although we may cancel or extend it (at our option) depending on demand. Thanks!


    Oregon*[ORE 72LGX072G]*20" Oregon 72LGX Chainsaw Chain Loop (72 Drive Links)*-*$16.50

    Is the link for the 20" loops.

    Probably ended by now but worth a try if you need loops.

    Harry K

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    Default Re: What are you paying for Stihl chain?

    Great choice in the 660, they are tough as nails and super powerfull. Don't be scared just treat it with respect. And for the record I believe that stock they are 7.5 HP and with a dual port muffler added they are closer to 8 HP. I keep a 36" bar on mine and use it on big wood to fall, buck and noodle those big chunks down to size for the splitter. Can you get by with a smaller HP saw? sure, but the great thing about the 660 is it's speed and the ease at which it cuts with the 36" bar buried in solid wood. You can't keep the smile off your face. If you sharpen you own chain freehand it is extremely important to keep the cutter lenghts and angles right, if not, you will cut a big circle with a 36" bar buried in a tree. Very frustrating!

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