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    Default Inheriting Dad's old ECHO chainsaw

    Hey guys, my father passed away recently (R.I.P. Don ) and left me what remaining tools he had left. What a bittersweet time. One of the the things he left me was his Kioritz ECHO 602VL 20" chainsaw. It was made in the mid 70's and I learned on this saw. I cut hundreds of fiewood rounds with it and dropped many trees (we heated our house with wood when I was young and logged all the lots we built on).

    Anyway, the saw hasn't been run in probably 10 years. Looks great as Dad always took care of his tools and I remember it being quite a beast of a saw for its' time. My plan is to get it running again to honor the memory of Dad & I cutting so much firewood together. They were good times.

    The tank was empty but it won't start. Where do I begin? Spray carb with carb cleaner, new plug & fresh fuel? I'm concerned it's so old that it might take 32:1.

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    Default Re: Inheriting Dad's old ECHO chainsaw

    Check the basics. Does it have spark? Does the plug get wet? Sitting that long, the fuel line and impulse line may be in bad shape. Also, the diaphragm in the carb may have hardened.

    I have had luck in these cases, filling with fresh fuel. Then, a squirt of fuel in the carb. It might catch a few times, before the diaphragm can start pumping fuel. A couple drops of oil in the cylinder and pull it over a few times, will lube the cylinder walls.

    I run fresh 50:1 Stihl or Husky oil in all my saws, newer and older. I mix by the oil manufacture spec. Those old oils did not lube as well; that is why they mixed at 16:1, 32:1 ect. We have MUCH better oil now.

    Best case it will fire with fresh gas, and a little nursing thru the cab. Worst case, a fuel line/filter, impulse line, and a carb kit.

    Here is some info on that saw...
    Model Profile: CS-602VL
    RobertN in Shingle Springs Calif

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    Default Re: Inheriting Dad's old ECHO chainsaw

    Builder:Check this out if you haven't already

    ‪Kioritz Echo CS-602VL Chainsaw‬‏ - YouTube

    ‪The chainsaw guy shop talk Echo CS 602 VL Chainsaw 9 7‬‏ - YouTube

    Also sorry to hear about Dad know the feeling went through it 12 yrs ago.

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