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    Default Poulan Wild Thing Starting Problem

    My father in law loaned his Poulan Wild Thing saw to a relative (not me) for several years. That relative let it sit for the last two years, then gave it back.

    Now we cannot start it. Here's what I've done so far.

    Pulled the top cover off of it.
    Removed the air filter. I can see the carb opening now.
    Pulled the spark plug.
    It looks brand new.
    I gapped it and set it on top of the head and with the switch turned on it has a great spark when I pull the cord.
    Put the plug back in and sprayed a shot of either into the carb opening.
    Left the choike open.
    Many pulls and not even one pop.
    Repeated the ether two more times.
    No pop.
    Pulled the plug and set it on the cylinder head.
    Pulled the cord and set the unit on fire immediately as the ether sprayed out the plug hole!
    Blew the fire out and repeated several times.
    So I know the ether is getting through the carb into the cylinder.
    But when I put the plug back in it never pops.
    I would expect it to at least pop once or twice on ether.
    Even with no fuel in the unit I would expect it to at least pop.

    Any suggestions other than the typical "through it out, it's a Poulan!" comments would be greatly appreciated?

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    Default Re: Poulan Wild Thing Starting Problem

    How's the compression ?

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    Default Re: Poulan Wild Thing Starting Problem

    either take the carb apart and use carb cleaner to clean every single hole,surface. replace diaphram. blow it all holes out with air. change gas filter in tank on end of tube. change gas pickup tube as well. put back together and try again.

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    Default Re: Poulan Wild Thing Starting Problem

    After sitting for a couple of years the gas probably gummed up the carb.and also the filter in the tank. Start with new filter and removing the carb.and cleaning with carb. cleaner. The carb. may have to be partly dis-asembled to get out all the dried gas gunk.

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    Default Re: Poulan Wild Thing Starting Problem

    Have you twiddled with the hi/low carb jets?

    Tried new fuel?

    Used appropriate Starting Language?

    Ask the wife to start it?
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    Default Re: Poulan Wild Thing Starting Problem

    The answer is in your last sentence.

    Throw it out. Those wild things are poison and you'll end up throwing more at it in parts (and frustration) then its worth.

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    Default Re: Poulan Wild Thing Starting Problem

    what color spark does the plug have? Needs a good Blue spark, if it is weak dim red/orange get a new plug and try it, if no spark at all? the coil may have went bad, and oh! I wouldn't use to much ether, if it does ever get a good spark you might get more than a Pop instead of shooting ether into the carb,....
    Note: be sure the cylinder is not hot when doing this, start from a cold engine by dropping a few drops of raw gas into the cylinder spark plug hole,
    a small squeeze dropper can be helpful for this, after re-installing the plug set the choke and pull, if it has a good coil & spark plug it will fire over for a few seconds, indications the carb could be clogged and not allowing fuel into the cylinder, You stated that the ether had made its way into the cylinder, But can we be sure? it could have just be old fuel from the many times you been pulling the starter, and if the spark is weak old fuel will foul the plug and simply fill the cylinder, although this would indicate that fuel is in fact getting through from the carburetor into the cylinder.......... another thing I've had to do to each of the 2 poulan's I own is replace the fuel lines, and on one of them I took apart the carburetor and found a screen inside the carb. was badly clogged, I don't think the model you have has the Carburetor with the screen inside, But if you do take it off you could check and see, this is about all can go wrong with them, ....Spark.... fuel..... compression....
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    Default Re: Poulan Wild Thing Starting Problem

    I saw a show on TV about small engine repairs and they said that 90% of the time, the fuel has gummed up one of the ports when it wont start or run properly. They take off the carb and let it soak in a bowl of carb cleaner over night.

    I bought a Wild Thing once and after a day of trying to keep it running, returned it and bought a Stihl. I like Stihl, but have found that I like Echo a lot better.


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    Default Re: Poulan Wild Thing Starting Problem

    The only I ever have starting issues on small engines that have both fuel and spark is....compression.

    If it wont pop on ether and you have a good blue spark, it is probabally scored up a bit and under 90-100psi compression. And it doesnt matter what you do, it just plain wont start with that low of compression.
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    Default Re: Poulan Wild Thing Starting Problem

    I have a Poulan that is at least 12 yrs. old...try this Moss, after it sits and rests awhile...choke it and pull the cord 2 or 3 times...then put the choke in and hold the trigger down and pull it a lot....see if that works...considering all else you have done ..give that one last try..

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