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    Default Re: I HATE CHAINSAWS! - HATE'EM!

    My technique is pull till it fires and then choke off or to half depending on brand and as Jackie Gleeson once said "Away we go"
    My Wife said I do not listen
    At least I think thats what she said

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    Default Re: I HATE CHAINSAWS! - HATE'EM!

    I like my 266 Huskie I bought in 1983. Starts well, but the pull cord is as hard as anything to pull. Good saw- strong. Had a stihl once- passed it on to someone who needed it.
    Use to have an old Ryobi weed wacker- could always get it going until it burned itself out. No luck since with my small engines- ethanol piston damage!
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    Default Re: I HATE CHAINSAWS! - HATE'EM!

    Starting Fluid works good on 2 cycle stuff.

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    Default Re: I HATE CHAINSAWS! - HATE'EM!

    Just as an aside...
    I spent some time this spring getting my dad's old Homelites going...
    He used to sell them in the 60's, 70's and 80's...
    I didn't really know how many he had in the tractor shed...
    They are all running now after cleaning out the old gas and putting in new spark plugs...
    3 super xl's, 2 super ez automatics, a 330, 340, and an xl 12...
    Those old saws are easy to crank...
    Usually 3 pulls with the choke and then fire and go...
    Really well made but heavy and vibrate...
    I like Dolmar, Stihl, Echo, and Husky in that order...
    Why do I need anything else?
    8 is enough...
    Forgot about the CS 450 Echo...
    It is a mid 80's vintage and the best of the bunch...
    No vibration and good power...

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    Default Re: I HATE CHAINSAWS! - HATE'EM!

    Quote Originally Posted by madmax12 View Post
    LD1, if Mahindra made chainsaws, they would be the best. They don't make chainsaws, because they want to give someone else a chance to be the best at something.

    (Note: 25.1 hrs and 12.5 weeks exp...)

    Quote Originally Posted by boomer1025 View Post
    Starting Fluid works good on 2 cycle stuff.
    dont do that
    ".........there is only one way to find out."
    "Ok, hold my beer and watch this.........."

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    Default Re: I HATE CHAINSAWS! - HATE'EM!

    Quote Originally Posted by TCJatko View Post
    Take 'em to the shop and get them running right. I have a small Poulan and a larger Craftsman; they both start quickly even after sitting for years.
    Quote Originally Posted by uglyboywith11fingers View Post
    My 20 year old 16" McCullough gets used about once a year. I don't drain the fuel... but it starts right up on year old gas the next time I need it. Same starting procedure as previously mentioned for a Stihl, but I press the primer button twice first.
    It's probably not the best saw in the world, but it has never let me down.
    My BIL had the same saw, he loved it... until he backed over it with his pickup. He replaced it with a Stihl, and has trouble starting it... has tore the starter rope out of it twice in 2 years.
    I guess the best saw is the one that works good for you.

    Older carbs are much more tolerant of junk fuel.
    I agree though, take them someplace where they can get them running rihht.

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    Default Re: I HATE CHAINSAWS! - HATE'EM!

    And I dont like to run em during hot weather, rather turn key on then a/c and get with it forestry mowing/tree trimming - YouTube
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails I HATE CHAINSAWS! - HATE'EM!-img_0232-jpg  

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    Default Re: I HATE CHAINSAWS! - HATE'EM!

    Quote Originally Posted by Ductape View Post
    Dunno about the Pull-on, but with the Stihl, try this.

    Set choke full on
    Pull 2 to 3 times till you hear it fire once
    Set choke to half and pull one or two more times till it starts

    Don't know why, but every Stihl I've ever run starts that way.
    Same for my Husky. But I turn the choke off after it fires once.

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    I have the same experience as the OP. My Stihl saw ( pro 260) is very cold natured but my Kawasaki string trimmer is easy to start even after setting for months. Same gas with both running the Stihl oil in the silver bottle. I just don't get it. I really like the Sthil saw except when it has set for a while. It has been hard to start cold since it was new. The thing that really makes me mad is that I spent extra on the saw to get the pro grade and went for Kawaski's cheapest trimmer. I expected the saw to work better since I shelled out extra bucks for what I thought was a top of the line saw.

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    Default Re: I HATE CHAINSAWS! - HATE'EM!

    had trouble with my 041 with the new type gas, went to high test and double the oil runs like it did 20 years ago cuts fast I can sit it down and it just sits and does a rumble.

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