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    Can't say for all Stihls, but my 026 is either choke or no choke and when I start it after setting , it takes several pulls to get a pop, choke off and it starts next pull. After first start, one pull and it's running. The 346XP with primer, when cold, choke and three pulls it pops, choke off and ready to rip on next pull.
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    Default Re: I HATE CHAINSAWS! - HATE'EM!

    My Stihl MS261 has 4 positions to the control lever. I think what many call the half choke position is actually the starting throttle position. No choke at this position, just a bit of throttle to help it get going. I start it just like all are saying though, about 3 pulls with choke on and it burps, then flick the control lever to starting throttle and 1 more pull and away I go. The rest of the time it starts with 1 pull after warmed up with the lever in just the normal run position.

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