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    Default Husqvarna Model 55 (15yrs old) taking off clutch/drum to access drive sprocket

    Are the threads to take off the clutch / drum and access the drive sprocket (they call it a ring) a left handed thread ?

    I have the piston stop tool but never taken one off. It seems pretty straight forward take sparkplug out rotate to get piston down or up to approx correct point install stop. Turn slowly until against stop then torque off nut/clutch.

    If I am thinking about it correctly the crank is trying to loosen on the nut while cutting. Seems a good candidate for left hand threads. Or is it just a nut and the clutch is keyed to the crank and can't relatively rotate such that left hand threads are not beneficial.

    I assume should change needle bearing, clutch drum, and drive ring or sprocket all together.

    This is my brother-n-laws saw and I think when the sprocket went the chain chewed on the clutch drum sprocket area a bit. Note I have a model 51 Husky and am letting him borrow my piston stop tool. Thought I'd warn him they might be left hand threads.
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    Default Re: Husqvarna Model 55 (15yrs old) taking off clutch/drum to access drive sprocket

    All the saws I have had appart have been left-handed.

    But they usually arent super-tight. So if something dont feel right....STOP
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    Default Re: Husqvarna Model 55 (15yrs old) taking off clutch/drum to access drive sprocket

    x2 for LD1
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    Default Re: Husqvarna Model 55 (15yrs old) taking off clutch/drum to access drive sprocket

    To remove clutches turn off clockwise. Go back on and tighten counter clock wise. I hope I explained that right to make understanding easier.
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