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    It looks just like the fuel filter and lays in the bottom of the oil tank. Get stiff wire, bend a simple loop, reach in and snag the hose behind large end where the filter plugs in. If you have to remove the hose, remove the hand bar, remove one screw on bottom of saw and remove plastic elbow piece, remove hose.
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    i finaly got back to let you all know i cleaded it all up good and it went dry on me again so i took it apart cleaned it up again and run it some more it has worked ok after that i will be back to cutting wood again tomorrow we will see what happens then thanks mike

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    Quote Originally Posted by teampryor View Post
    I have 3 of these saws well two ms250's and one 025. I have never had a problem with the bar oilers. I believe it is because I use compressed air to thoroughly clean my saw and bar every time I change chains which is often because i do not sharpen my chains while on the saw. I would say three tanks of fuel and it gets cleaned up proper, part of the reason I have 3 too I guess. I also have two MS290's as well and have never had oiling issues. knocking on wood.
    Burning 2 gallons of fuel in a chainsaw takes a long time. Sir you cut a lot of wood to burn 2 gallons in a weekend!

    I do have too much wood.
    After the big wind/snow storm last month I put up 8 cords so far cleaning up my front yard
    Another 150 - 175 trees left to clean up in the yard and I am thinking I have about 50 cords more to process before the winter snow closes us in. Doubt we will get to it all.
    I NW Minn / SE MB we can not even give it away anymore as we have BILLIONS of trees down.
    Snowmo clubs alone doubt they will be able to get their trail systems fully open this year never mind the logging roafs, fire gaurd roads, etc... that are cover.

    Kinda sad

    good news is the ms250 runs perfectly.

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    My ms310 did the same even after cleaning every thing and installing a new bar (16 inch).still little or no oil.I decided to enlarge the hole on the original bar,so far it has been normal oil flow. Maybe my chain is too long and I may need to remove a link.

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    I have a 1983 Stihl 026 that I had the dealer put an 026 Pro adjustable oiler in. I also have an MS-362 for big stuff.

    As everyone suggests, I clean out the bar with a putty knife and compressed air, take off the little metal plate behind the bar and blast that off, too.

    I tried "big box store" bar oil and found that it worked very poorly when cutting oak. The chain would "smoke" - NOT good!

    I now use Stihl or Husqvarna oil. The gys at work really like the oil from Bailey's Supply.

    The biggest thing is probably chips and debris getting into the oil tank, when it is refilled in the "woods". I let the saw cool off a bit, and then pour just a tiny bit of saw mix over the oil plug to get the junk off there before I pop the cap. That way, the oil stays "clean".

    For really cold weather cutting, Stihl also makes a winter grade bar and chain oil.

    If the bar comes into contact wth the "dirt", that could also partially clog the bar groove, cutting down on the oil.


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