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    Default A reminder to be careful & respect what a chain can do!

    We have 3 Stihl saws and my older sons are very skilled with them. My 18 y.o. probably has well over 100 hours cutting experience and has been cutting wood for 4 years or so. He has always used chaps, gloves, ear, eye and head protection. He wears leather boots as well.
    Last week, in one of those freak events, the 361 got away from him. The end of the bar got to his left foot. The chain cut through 2 layers of leather and into his foot, severing the tendon to the big toe, ripping out a few nerves and taking a piece out of the bone. It barely missed the main artery. He had surgery and is recuperating fine, but will have 6 weeks of keeping off the foot entirely and keeping it elevated. After that, it will be a very slow process to complete recovery (sans a few nerves that couldn't be repaired).
    Could it have been prevented? He will tell you although it happened so quickly, he was too relaxed in knowing what he was doing and having no fear of danger. It probably could have been prevented, even without chainsaw approved boots.
    So for all of us that think it won't happen to us . . . it might!
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    Default Re: A reminder to be careful & respect what a chain can do!

    Sorry to hear this, I hope his recovery goes well. It is so easy to become complacent.


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    Default Re: A reminder to be careful & respect what a chain can do!

    Thanks for sharing -- it's definitely a good reminder, as I'd wager most of us do not use chainsaw-safe boots. Hope he recovers OK.

    It's ironic -- I think part of what makes me a good chainsaw operator is having a sense of confidence and being relaxed enough to focus on the work and not be afraid of the saw (last weekend, someone told me I looked "comfortable" running my big 461 while cleaning up trees from Sandy). That's probably as much a detriment as it's a good thing.

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    Default Re: A reminder to be careful & respect what a chain can do!

    Sorry to hear about your son, I grew up when no one used safety gear including my sons. I bought everyone safety gear a few years ago, but for a quick job they ofyen won't put it on, this is a good reminder for everyone, thanks for posting.
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    Default Re: A reminder to be careful & respect what a chain can do!

    Terry sorry to hear about the accident. Hope your son makes a full recovery.

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    Default Re: A reminder to be careful & respect what a chain can do!

    Sincerely wishing your Son a speedy recovery. Thanks for posting.
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    Default Re: A reminder to be careful & respect what a chain can do!

    I just brushed my led with the blade of a chain saw while I was carrying it [NOT RUNNING] and it left a 6" gash in my leg that bled like a stuck pig. Still have the scar to this day. I was wearing cut off pants so leg was exposed.

    Yep I'm very afraid of those things.

    Steel toe covers a must

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    Default Re: A reminder to be careful & respect what a chain can do!

    I've been using a chain saw for 25 years, I heat only with wood so you can imagine how many cords I have processed. Last week, for the first time, I brushed my hand against the moving blade, moving a small, cut log away from the saw before the chain had a chance to stop rotating. It cut all the way through the leather thumb and brushed against my skin but did not cut me. A lesson learned, even after 25 years. I've hung the glove up in my shed to serve as a reminder.
    - Dennis

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    Default Re: A reminder to be careful & respect what a chain can do!

    Sorry to hear about this. Unfortunately effects of that wound will probably last a lifetime.
    I'm not one to talk. When I was young I didn't give safety a second thought. Now, I'm a cautious ol fart. Better late than never.
    Chainsaws have to be about the most dangerous tool you can pick up. 16 to 20 inches of unguarded razor teeth spinning at 6k with a distinct desire to kick back at you.
    Helmet, chaps, steel toes are a must.
    Central Maine

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    Default Re: A reminder to be careful & respect what a chain can do!

    I am very sorry to hear about your son, and hope he has a quick recovery.

    One of the things my dad has told me since I was 5 or so years old is "Parents forgive. Tools do not. Tools have no feelings and will take a finger, arm, or leg and not shed a tear for you." First heard that about 36 years ago and he still says the same thing. I say the same thing to my kids now.

    It is good to be confident about using tools, but to have a healthy respect for them too. Confident and cautious is the way I like to put it. If you are scared of something, you are doomed. If you are over confident, you are doomed.

    With that said, a couple weeks ago I was putting a hole saw on a mandrel while it was on the drill. Mistake 1) did not take the mandrel off the drill; 2) did not take the battery off the tool; 3) put some of my concentration on the kids playing; and 4) hit the trigger accidentally while holding the saw. Took a small chunk out of a finger. The scab just came off a couple days ago. So, to fix that up I hit my left hand with an axe while making kindling just the other day. Luckily, the axe was dull as can be. More blunt trauma than cut from it. Took about 60 seconds for any blood to show up. Lesson learned there was place axe and use 10 pound hammer to strike it.

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