Well I have finally got back to work on my old stihl 08s that has been taking up space half painted for the last few years. Anyways I pulled the muffler off, to prep for paint, and as I look in the port, I see some marks on the piston. Seeing as this is a 50 year old saw I have never started, I feared the worst. After much fighting, I managed to get the jug off, and that poor little piston is toast. Big grooves scraped out of the sides, it seems some idiot ran straight gas in it... The last guy said it ran, and it does turn over, so I guess it isn't that bad. But now that I have it all tore down, I have to fix it. I think the jug might be able to be saved, as the scoring is too light to feel on all but the very bottom, but the piston is toast. I just hope my parts saw isn't scored, as that would save me upwards of $200 if I could just swap pieces. I will try and get some pictures up. Oh ya, as a side note, does anyone here know how to get the flywheel off a stihl 08s, the fan part came off, but I can't get the rest, it seems to be a two piece fly wheel.