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    Default Re: Return Stihl MS 250 and go back and get the MS 290?

    I've always started saws the same way.. When cold put the choke and the throttle lock "ON", pull until it "barks" or runs briefly, anywhere from 5-15 pulls. Then choke "OFF", throttle lock still "ON", and pull again. Usually the second pull brings them to life and they'll run. My Husky 242 is notoriously coldblooded, if it hasn't been used for a few weeks it takes quite a few pulls to get it to fire the first time.

    Every saw I've ever owned (and that's quite a few) have been like this.

    If you've had the saw running in the past hour, ignition "ON", choke and throttle lock "OFF", and try a few pulls. If it won't fire or stay running, then treat it as a normal cold start as listed above. Sometimes even 15 minutes after shutdown they won't start without choke, especially in colder weather.

    Some folks seem to have the devil's own time starting a saw, but this has always worked for me, except once in EXTREME cold weather I had to repeatedly prime the Husky through the plug hole to convince it to start.

    Have a look through the owner's manual, I'm thinking they'll tell you the same thing.

    I agree about the 18" bar being too much for the MS250, unless you're running a narrow-kerf chain. 15" is what I usually use for 95% of my cutting, that was the stock bar on my Stihl 023 and the 242 Husky.


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    Default Re: Return Stihl MS 250 and go back and get the MS 290?

    After getting the used 360 last year I wished I had errored on going TOO BIG years ago.

    Starting larger saws can be hard but just for a downed tree from a storm fatigue should not be an issue to just get a tree out of the road or off the roof.

    Professional models just do more work with less effort I quickly learned but if one can not start a saw they are worthless. The 85 year old guy with my 360 wanted enough cash to go buy the Easy Start Stihl version.

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    Default Re: Return Stihl MS 250 and go back and get the MS 290?

    Im with you on the fill caps but once you get used to them ther ok. i dont have a 250 i have two 290' s with 18" bars
    and think there great and have lots of power but are a little on the heavy side. the starting thing is like the caps takes
    some getting used to. i have never had the chain come off probubly loose but it would have to be very loose to kick it off.

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