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    Default Diff oil 284

    Have a 2004 284 and changed the tranny oil by removing all the drain bolts.

    since I refilled the transmission with 80W-90 the rear diff is making a loud noise.

    Is there a separate oil fill point for the rear diff? Or does it fill when the tranny is filled?

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    Default Re: Diff oil 284

    80W90 is the right stuff. Now when you say you refilled it how did you do it? There is 2 drains under the rear of my tractor right in front of the draw bar mount. There is also 2 drains under the shuttle or creeper gear box. One is hard to see and is above the 4x4 axle shaft and the other is on the 4x4 axle stub housing.

    When you refill how did you do it and where did you put in the 80W90? The proper place is via the dip stick by the main gear shift. If that is where you put it what you are probably experiencing is no oil in the creeper/shuttle. The oil must travel through a bearing to get to that box. There is 3 ways to skin this cat. First let it sit a few day then top off. By doing so you give the oil time to seep through the bearing. The next is to remove the top of the creeper/shuttle cover and fill manually by pouring in oil. The other way many of us have done is to remove that cover and drill and tap a hole to allow for a fill point and a dip stick.


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