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    Default 2007 Jinma 284 No Start

    I searched this site before I performed my own troubeshooting using the recommendations made by others for similar problem.

    This is a 2007 Jinma 284 with 9 hours. Hasn't had much use as you can tell I relocated it back in April and didn't try to start until yesterday. Turns over but no fuel detonation so will not start.

    Here is what I've checked and done: Inspected all fuel lines and strainer inserts through the circuit from tank through delivery pump, fuel filter, inlet of injection pump and it's outlet al the way through the last injector to
    tank return. Loosened nuts at injectors hardly any fuel dribbling out.
    Tank bowl strainer is bugs.

    Opened inspection cover to injector pump, fuel rack moves back and forth easily and is in the forward position, kill switch in forward position as well. Pistons are moving sprayed throttle body cleaner in there anyway. Reinstalled cover.

    Used hand primer on injector pump and get nice firm delivery all the
    way to the last injector return fitting before it connects to tank.

    Went ahead and drained injector pump oil and flushed it out with K1 kero and mineral spirits after a cpl hours soak time, wasn't very dirty. Refilled with fresh 10W oil. Removed two injector lines from top of the pump and spun engine over with decompression lever enabled, weak delivery...small low height squirts.

    Loosened fuel inlet line to injector pump, spun engine again very little fuel coming out. Get a **** of a good squirt when I use the prime pump.

    Removed the large nut that houses the spring-loaded piston in the delivery pump, piston moves freely. Closed back up.

    Seems to me the delivery pump should force pretty close as hard a pressure that the hand pump delivers. So I think at this stage I'm starving the inlet to the injector pump. I didn't remove the governor end as I felt the solvent soaking I gave the unit earlier should clean things up if needed.

    Looks like there is a plug for a test gauge on the left side fuel line on the upper body of the pump. Any idea how much pressure should be measured there?

    I'm outta ideas to get this fired back up, seems an unlikely the delivery pump is bad at 9 hours. No longer under warranty and dealer here has folded. Rocky Mountain Farm Pros.

    Thanks for any help!



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    Default Re: 2007 Jinma 284 No Start

    My fuel tank was half full when I began this problem, didn't want to drain a full tank if needed. Anyway, topped off the tank and decided to try another start, dadgum engine began to catch and finally lit off.

    Im wondering if topping off the tank increased static pressure enough to the lift pump to finally get things rolling. Is it possible there is a weakness in the lift pump? Shouldn't be this temperamental at half fill.

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    Default Re: 2007 Jinma 284 No Start

    No, I think you just coincidentally had nearly all the air out of the high pressure side of the pump. The hand primer only pushes fuel through the low pressure side (the flexible fuel lines). Cranking the engine is required to get it through the injection pump/hard lines/injectors. So whether or not you topped off the tank, it probably started anyway.

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    Default Re: 2007 Jinma 284 No Start

    I think it was just dumb luck it started after you added fuel. I must say you did a excellent job of trouble shooting and getting it going by searching this thread.

    99% of the time we get a guy on here that simply says it will not start. We spend a week trying to figure out the basics playing ask a million questions. Your post should be the model from now on.

    Great job.


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