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    Default How do you prime the hydraulic system on a Jenma 228 (leaked all oil out)

    The hydraulic fluid leaked out of my Jinma 228. I have put in new fluid but I do not know how to prime it. Can you tell me ho? Kiva

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    Default Re: How do you prime the hydraulic system on a Jenma 228 (leaked all oil out)

    Be sure the tank under the seat is full and all connections are in good shape and tight. pump should self prime. Where did your lost oil leak from?

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    Default Re: How do you prime the hydraulic system on a Jenma 228 (leaked all oil out)

    As Chip says, it's a self-priming system. Understand however, that the reason is because this is a vented system. The fill plug behind the seat is the vent. If those vent holes get blocked, priming will be difficult if not impossible. To avoid that, I clean mine out twice a year with compressed air. If in doubt, temporarily remove the fill plug 'til you're satisfied all the air's out of the system.

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    Default Re: How do you prime the hydraulic system on a Jenma 228 (leaked all oil out)

    If the line supplying the pump is completely dry, it will prime faster if you can get some oil into the line. One way to do this is to loosen the pipe union right under the seat, and use a small hose and funnel to put some hydraulic oil right into the line to the pump, then reconnect the fitting, make sure it is tight, and the oil that runs down to the pump will help it draw new fluid up and over the high spot at the top of the tank. Another way to do this is to loosen the supply pipe where it attaches to the pump, and apply a little compressed air to the tank vent. This pressure will force fluid up and over the high spot and thru the pipe to the pump. Re-tighten the fitting and bobs your uncle A shot of compressed air in the vent hole would also work while the engine is running and help the oil flow over the high spot. It is important that that fitting/pipe union right at the tank outlet is tight, otherwise it may try and suck in air along with the oil feeding the pump. This will make for erratic hydraulic system operation, and air bubbles in the oil can ultimately damage the pump thru cavitation.

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