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    Default Ty 295 parts breakdown

    Hi folks

    Well I started noticing antifreeze in my oil. A little bit at first but now after sitting for a couple of weeks,alot. Would like to get my hands on a parts manual or some form of engine breakdown so I can start investigating my problem and order parts. Any help would be appreciated.


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    Default Re: Ty 295 parts breakdown

    I would think Tommy at Affordable Tractor.

    These engines are prone to blowing head gaskets and oil in the coolant is a classic symptom. I replaced mine without a manual, just started taking pieces off until the head came off. As I recall I took off the valve cover, valve train and loosened the head bolts. The water pump had to come off to get the head off, which necessitated taking off the radiator. I undid the hood supports to get it out of the way. I left the intake and exhaust manifolds on the head, just hoisted it in place, removed the old gasket and put the new one in.

    The only parts needed were a new head gasket and gasket for the water pump. The gasket I got didn't fit my water pump so I ended up using gasket compound. I also replaced the thermostat while I had it apart, which meant a new gasket. And the little rubber donuts that hold the radiator were pretty distorted so I replaced them too, they were a buck apiece.

    The only tricky part of reassembly was torquing the head bolts properly. They have to be torqued initially, and then run the engine to operating temperature, let it cool, and torque them again. Then do it again after 50 hours. Each time you torque them the valves have to be adjusted. My recollection is that the valves moved significantly when I retorqued, which indicates that the head gasket compressed substantially.

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