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    I have a Taishan Dragon 270 Diesel tractor. I was wandering if these tractors had glow plugs or what? The tractor does have a compression release onit. I had to replace the ignition switch with a switch from a Ford tractor. I wired it to what I beleive was correct. I just want someone else opinion who knows these tractors.


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    Well if it does, they will most likley be located in the vicinity of where the intake manifold attaches to the head. Look for a piece threaded into the head or manifold in close proximity to each intake port. The studs on top may be tied together by a single metal bussbar with a wire attached to that buss. Not specifically familliar with your tractor, but I know from reading a few versions of the jinma's had them installed, but the wiring was never connected.

    If the switch you installed has a preheat position(the position reached just before the starter is engaged), when you turn the key to this position, you will note a large negative amp gauge deflection if you have glowplugs installed and wired.

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    Didn't we at one time conclude that you had an intake heater? I thought you were in the process of seeing if it actually worked. Or have I mixed this TaiShan up with some one else?

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