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    Default Re: Farmpro 2425 / Jinma 254 hard starting in the winter.

    Quote Originally Posted by theghoul View Post
    Case Closed.

    I found the wired tucked into the harness and taped up. The way the bus bar looked and the eye connector I dont think it was ever hooked up. Weirdness.

    I scraped the crap off the bus bar and eyelet then connected the wire and it the battery gauge dropped big time when I switched crank and run.

    Started after a 15-20 sec warmup. I think I am going hookup a thicker wire and a relay like a few of mentioned previously. The existing wire looks really thin.

    Thanks guys! I'm ready for the Michigan snow.
    Excellent! I'm glad it worked out.
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    Default Re: Farmpro 2425 / Jinma 254 hard starting in the winter.

    Give us a call at 662-252-5272 and I bet we can talk you thru what is going on, everyone on this forum has great suggestions and I'd just be repeating myself, call us if you have time and we will talk further about what is going on.

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    Default Re: Farmpro 2425 / Jinma 254 hard starting in the winter.

    Quote Originally Posted by theghoul View Post
    Hey guys,

    Thanks for all the past advice and help with my Farmpro 2425, but you know the journey never ends.

    See this thread about my purchase and adventure:

    Michigan is starting to get pretty cold and I use my farmpro for clearing snow and pulling a hay wagon.

    It takes some time for me to get it started on cold days. I changed the ignition switch and perform a 30 second glow plug warm up (between accessory and start) and it still takes time to get going. I do notice the battery meter draining a bit during the glow plug warm up so I hope that's a good indicator that it's heating up, but who knows.

    Surprisingly this has been a sturdy and versatile tractor, but this issue is driving me nuts. I don't want to destroy my starter.

    Any tips on how to test this to make sure the glow plugs are heating? There is an inline heater installed in a coolant hose, but it blows my receptacle's breaker when I plug it in.

    I did search and either I suck at forum searching or I could not find anything to help.

    Much obliged.
    Glow plugs pull about 6 volts put a bigger wire on and fuse I had that problem pulling 12 volts no problem check with amp meter first

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    Default Re: Farmpro 2425 / Jinma 254 hard starting in the winter.

    Lets be certain you actually have a glow plug for each cylinder.
    Many non north american origin machines have an intake air heater which looks like this amazon uk item which has a coil of exposed heating wire.
    Beru AG 0102123203 Glow Plug, parking heater: Car & Motorbike
    If this is the case there is just one and it is typically described as "glow plug, parking heater," for reasons I dont know.
    Contrast the true glow plug where the heating wire is completely enclosed like this one.
    BERU GN912 High-tech Glow Plug, Set of 10: Car & Motorbike

    A quick look at your engine should show if there is one electrical wire going to a device in the air intake or if there is 3 or 4 devices, one for each cylinder.
    The intake air system heater has a large current draw perhaps 58 amps.

    If you have a 110 volt plug in heater in a coolant hose you must get this working. Try a different receptacle if you can and if it blows then buy a new one.
    If you are going to do your own work you need to invest in a couple of cheap diagnostic tools.
    One is a non contact infrared temperature measuring gun for $14 from Amazon usa. Nubee 8380H Non-contact Infrared Thermometer Temperature Gun with Laser Sight MAX Display: Home Improvement
    The other is a cheap multimeter also from amazon usa for $13
    Etekcity MSR-R500 Digital Multimeter, Amp / Ohm / Volt Meter, Multi Tester w/ Diode and Continuity Test - -

    With the temp gun you can point it at a intake heater or glow plug before you turn the tractor on and then as you are starting it.
    You will know immediately if it is working.
    The multimeter can check out your charging system and also the 110 volt coolant heater.

    If you dont take a methodical technical approach to trouble shooting you will waste time and money, get frustrated and damage your machine.

    Dave M7040

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