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    Default Re: its a Jinma for sure.. but there's some part i cant figure, i need HELP (

    Quote Originally Posted by bobunome View Post
    Hi Jose G:

    Just so you know: 26.1KW = 34.9HP. 1HP=.746KW. So it is 35HP.

    @Bobunome: I Know the difference between KW and HP... I'm normally into Car, but as stated, the engine is 25-28hp, not even close to 35hp unless someone want to debate PTO HP vs FLYWHEEL HP, That engine is sold as a 25/28hp everywhere else than KJT period. So I have a 25/28 engine the 26.1KW plate is wrong.

    @Tommy: ill email you about the breather, not sure how I could use the one you are showing.

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    Default Re: its a Jinma for sure.. but there's some part i cant figure, i need HELP (

    Quote Originally Posted by Jose G View Post
    Hi, im new to the site, its my second thread

    i need help to figure out what parts i have on my tractor, i need your help, i search a lot and cant say for sure what exactly compose the tractor.

    ive read many website (the whole internet if you ask me!!) and never came accross a huge amount of KJT, i soon realised it was probably a dealer in Quebec that just put a sticker on a Jinma 254/284 (dont know exactly since they are the same), i have a joystick inside the cab (with cables)... the fenders and cab are fiberglass.. i want to know what loader i have and also i have a leak under the tractor coming from a big "can", i dont know what it is for ? do i have to drain all the hydraulic fluid before unscrewing it? i need to clean the whole underside to point where the leak is from exactly.

    here's some pictures:

    the leak... i need to stop it, tired of scrapping cat litter on the garage floor. i have another little leak from a fitting on a cylinder but i know what to do.

    the rest with the found joystick over the net and the zl20 valve

    if someone could say what is the FEL i have exactly (the Jinma, the koyker or another brand?), i know i got the ZL20 valve and it lack the float and react terribly...i cant raise/lower really slowly, i have to get my rpm to 800 and then raise or lower with a very little push on the joystick, maybe there's an ajusting screw on the joystick, i should look into that.

    any other information you may know on this tractor would be great, if you have a comment, dont be shy, i want to talk about it.

    thanks in advance

    Jose G
    Hi there José!
    I'm from Québec Canada and i bauth almost the same tractor, mine is model 6030
    wich is a 60 HP Isuzu engin , i say it's Isuzu cause it came whit the parts catalog from
    Isuzu. But you are still right when you say its like a Jinma, dont know why dought.
    P.S. sorry for righting not to good, i'm french so my inglish is bad!

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    Default Re: its a Jinma for sure.. but there's some part i cant figure, i need HELP (

    The can is a hydraulic filter housing, you will need a pan to drain when you unscrew the lid, the tractor looks a lot like a Jinma we should have parts as well as a loader valve if you need it.It looks like a Chinese ZL-20 loader with a remote joystick

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    Default Re: its a Jinma for sure.. but there's some part i cant figure, i need HELP (

    I noticed that there is a ball valve on the VENT on the Hyd Tank (behind the seat) this is BAD it needs to be vented all the time the end is running. You can put a hose (clear one works well) on that BV and run it up to near top of the seat to gain some header room and leave the valve cracked at least partly.

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