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    Default Re: changing frame mounted to wheel mounted backhoe

    Yes, I have made an attachment point to the 3PH toplink, along with a bunch of other modifications seen here.

    I didn't see a horribly large issue with this as the main attach point for the BH is the 3PH lift arm pins thru the cast lower case. The toplink pin gives another load path, so eases stress on the lower pins. That plate assembly is also a bolton, so would be way more easilly replaced if broken than the lower case would

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    Default Re: changing frame mounted to wheel mounted backhoe

    Westend, we have always sold the 3 pt mount backhoes and don't really have any experience with the frame mounted, I personally use a LITW 7600 3 pt mount on my 454 and can have it on and off in around 5 minutes or so, I just hook the hydraulic lines up and apply pressure to the stabilizer arms to lift backhoe to my 3 pts and back into it. I know a lot of folks do not like the 3 pt mount system but I have done a lot of digging with mine over the years without any issues and have sold a lot of them and haven't heard any complaints from my customers on them. Northern tool has a wheeled model.

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