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    Default Adding a Front End Loader On an older Nortrac/Jinma 254??

    I am thinking about adding a front end loader to an older Nortrac/Jinma 254 (model year 1999/2000). I am a little nervous about some articles that I have seen about the bell housing cracking/breaking due to the stress of a front end loader. I am aware that some owners have had issues with the front axle while using 4 wheel drive (I was planning on using 2 wheel drive as much as possible to avoid the issues with the front axle). Also, I am not going to use it like a bulldozer, I just need something to help move mulch, loose dirt, etc. I am wondering if I should add a loader to this tractor or just leave well enough alone and continue using it without one. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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    Default Re: Adding a Front End Loader On an older Nortrac/Jinma 254??

    I put a FEL on my New Holland 1720 2 years ago...
    My tractor is pretty close in size to yours...
    I have had no problem at all with it or the tractor...
    Just use it as a loader and you will be fine...
    You need to find out the front axle capacity of your tractor...
    Get a loader that matches that...
    If you want to turn up the pressure on your hydraulics you can but it may overload your front axle as it will increase the lift capacity of the loader...
    I left mine factory and it is fine...
    I bought a Stoll but Woods, Bush Hog, Westendorf, ETC... all make very good units...
    Get a dealer that has a good service department with knowledgeable staff that has installed loaders before...
    To me that is the key...

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    Default Re: Adding a Front End Loader On an older Nortrac/Jinma 254??

    As long as it is sized for the tractor, and you don't abuse it, it should be fine. I think there are probably far more of these out there with loaders than without. The problems i have heard of are not particularly frequent and can usually be linked to some other cause such as 4X4 on solid surfaces with a load on, or general abuse using it as a bulldozer instead of a loader... A subframe that attaches the loader attach points back to the rear axle takes a lot of the potential bellhousing stresses out of the picture.

    Good luck

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    Default Re: Adding a Front End Loader On an older Nortrac/Jinma 254??

    If you add a loader, you must get one that has the braces that go to the rear axle,You can contact Coldwater tractors, they have a economical loader, or a Koyker 140. If you chose Koyker, you have to make sure that whoever you purchase it from knows the year model, you tractor has different fron mounting brackets than the newer moders

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    Default Re: Adding a Front End Loader On an older Nortrac/Jinma 254??

    By all means put you a loader on that tractor and you will wonder how you ever did without one. We have the ZL20 loaders and the Koyker 140 or 160 for your unit. They all have the bracing Tommy has mentioned and they are all good loaders. Give us a call if we can help. 662-252-5272

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    I think there have been one or two bell housing that failed for all the thousands of Jinma 200 series tractors out there with FEL's. I have used and abused my 284 with a FEL for nearly a 1000 hours. Its a 2003 model. Its done everything I have asked if it and some more.


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    Default Re: Adding a Front End Loader On an older Nortrac/Jinma 254??

    we still do a lot of jinma 284/254 loader $1800+shipping USA made. look at post called tire changer in yanmar forums
    Coldwater Tractors, Inc.

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