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    Like most Chinese tractor importers, we sell our product over a wide geographic area, thanks to the internet and forums like this. I am interested in a list of repair facilities and/or dealers who are willing and qualified to offer service on most brands of Chinese tractors. I have had phone calls were people have bought older Chinese tractors for not much more than scrap value because the local "Big Brand" dealer told the prior owner that it would cost too much to fix or that parts are not available. We here know that not to be true, but there are still a few people who do not read this forum. It would be great to have a list of competent shops to refer customers to. If you have a shop and are willing and able to work on Chinese equipment, or if you know a good one, maybe post it here (with their permission would be best).

    OK, I'll go first:

    ARTRAC, Clarksville Arkansas. We have experience with several brands of Chinese tractors.

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    Great idea Chip, if you can get those repair shops to chime in.

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    Hi Chip, long time no see. Stop by on your way to/from Louisville this year.

    As you already know, I don't have a shop. Nor do I do mechanical work for profit. But word gets out that I have had 4 of them over the years, so Western Kentucky owners of Chinese tractors contact me quite frequently. I'm otherwise retired, but I don't mind helping them - especially with issues that I've actually encountered myself over the years.

    USN (Ret)
    Former Chinese tractor owner (x4)
    Current John Deere owner

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    Chip we have a large list of repair shops ( 250-300) that buys parts from us,some are John Deere, kubota dealers,ect. I think once they find out they can get parts they don't mind working on the tractors. It's tough for dealers to take a tractor in and have it torn apart for 3-4 weeks waiting on parts, as long as they know they can get the parts they are willing to work on them. I often tell a customer to go to there local shop, ask them about working on there tractor, have them contact us for assurance they can get parts,most will go ahead and work on them. In this economy, even the big boys shops are not full of service and repair jobs, they are not as picky as they once were.

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    We have hundreds of repair shops all over the country that buy parts from us and we too service and sell chinese tractors here, we have been importing and selling Jinma's for over 10 years and are the largest parts supplier here in the USA. If you know of anyone in the market for a new Jinma we have them on the water now due to arrive in a couple of weeks!

    Circle G Tractor Sales, Inc.
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    Hi Folks

    I am here in New Brunswick Canada ,I purchased a YTO X704 new in 2010 , now have 600 Hrs on it , have only needed to purchase filters for it so far.
    The local dealer I purchased from can supply most any part I need, with the network I have realized is available through the internet I have no concerns that when I need parts they will be available within a few days. Last year I needed an engine manual, I called Ben at Circle G, within a few days I had it in the mail, shortly after I purchased the tractor I needed an owners manual, I emailed YTO directly in China, 7 days later a DHL courier delivered one to my door from China.
    Our World has become much smaller since the internet, with the North American network of Chinese tractor dealers and other local brand name dealerships willing to work on our tractors knowing parts are only a day or two away I do not expect to have problems getting parts when I need them.

    USA Service Network-fam2010-2412-jpg

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    I found that my local New Holland shop was more than willing to work on my machine. I recognized that it's not one of their tractors, so I expect to be low on the priority list. I got the impression that mine may have been worked on after-hours so the two guys that did the work, made the money. As long as they know parts are not an issue, they are fine taking the extra work.

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