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    Default Jinma Tractor shuttle shift not working

    Hi There,

    My jinma only has 50 hours on it and i was moving manure up in the manure pit yesterday. I was moving forward and reverse to get the manure up high and then suddenly the tractor would no longer go forward and back. I followed the mechanisms and saw that one piece looks like it had broke off (i will attach a picture). Has anyone had this problem? Is it simple to fix? Will it screw back on or do i need a new part? Is it something that is easy enough for me to fix.

    The first picture is of the shuttle shift to go forward and back that is not working. The second picture with the red arrow shows the spot where it is broken/ came apart.

    Jinma Tractor shuttle shift not working-jinma-shuttle-shift-jpgJinma Tractor shuttle shift not working-jinma-broken-piece-jpg

    Please help and shed some wisdom.

    Thank You in advance!

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    Default Re: Jinma Tractor shuttle shift not working

    On the bottom part of the chrome handle is a roll pin that prob, sheared off.That is what makes the cable move. Look at the chrome lever and where the cable connects

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    Default Re: Jinma Tractor shuttle shift not working

    If that part in the second photo is clearly broken (I can't tell from that photo), then I would think it could be welded. About all I can tell is that it looks like a shaft that is adjusted by two nuts on the threaded portion where it basses through a stationary bracket.

    If that's actually the case, I'd suggest that you mark or measure the current location of the nuts and then remove the shaft and take the pieces to a welding shop. Measure the total length of the part before it is welded so you'll know how much allowance you may need to make if it changes overall length after the welding. It shouldn't change - the welding shop should be diligent enough to keep it the same when they repair it, but they might not so you need to be prepared so when you put it back in the tractor you get it adjusted the same as it was originally - assuming that it actually was correctly adjusted.

    Please note that all of what I'm saying is based mostly on guesswork since I can't tell from the photo what that part is or where it is located on the tractor.

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    Default Re: Jinma Tractor shuttle shift not working

    Yup, roll pin is the most common cause. That said, the L-bracket is bent. As part of your repair effort, I'd return that bracket to its original 90 degrees. That will minimize cable wear at the point where it enters the all-thread.

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    Default Re: Jinma Tractor shuttle shift not working

    If you need any parts for that shuttle we have them in stock, can't really tell by the picture.

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