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    Default Total loss of steering on Jinma 284

    Hi all. Let me see if i can fully explain everything that is happening. Was using tractor with FEL to move some dirt around, and noticed that the steering wasn't as sensitive as usual. Checked fluid level, and it was low. Added AW-32. Engine oil level is normal. Later, while still moving dirt with FEL, completely lost steering, but not FEL. I can raise and lower FEL, but no steering. I can spin steering wheel either direction, with one finger, with no resistance. Wheel never hits a lock in either direction. Turned tractor off, and noticed that steering was now back (could move wheels with engine off). Restarted tractor, and had steering, lifted another load of dirt, started moving and total loss of steering again.. Kind fun when you are already moving. Turned tractor off again, regained steering.. Dumped dirt and drove over to shop. Tractor set for week or so, and tried again, same thing. Played with it some and noticed a common thread that seems to be load on FEL before steering loss. After steering loss, if i raise front end off of ground with FEL, (no load on front wheels) i can get steering back (most of the time).. So question is, what's going on? Dirverter/Priority Valve? Steering box/valve?. After reading a bunch of posts, I'm leaning towards the diverter valve, but want some second opinions before i drop that much $$ on a part.
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    Default Re: Total loss of steering on Jinma 284

    Sounds like the diverter valve is bypassing, alright. You might want to take it apart and clean it thoroughly before just replacing it.

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