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    Default Re: KAMA TS254C Hydraulic hook ups

    Canyou describe how to hook up the hoses to do this?


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    Default Re: KAMA TS254C Hydraulic hook ups

    There should be one hose that's shorter than the rest, with a QD on both ends. Like I said, I lost the hose routing photos when that hard drive crashed. So I'm not sure if it comes off the return QD fitting or the pump QD fitting. Regardless, it's a male/female mating. With the loader out of the circuit, you connect the two (pump and return ) so that high pressure fluid - previously routed to the loader control valve - now goes straight back into the sump. At least that's how my 2006 TS354C was configured, and it's basically just the 35 hp version of yours.
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    Default Re: KAMA TS254C Hydraulic hook ups

    You need to verify that the pump is working, and no loader connected.

    Remove the QD's and run a hose from pump into a 5 bucket and start engine.

    If the pump is good, and if you can fill the bucket in 1 minute, you have about a 5 GPM flow.

    If you have flow, then look for two ports in the back of the tractor, one port being input to 3pt, and other port to sump.

    Connect the pump to one of the ports. If it is the 3pt, the 3pt should work, and if you connected the pump hose to sump, the pump is just pumping to sump and you have no 3pt.

    If the loader is connected, then the pump hose goes to the IN port of the FEL valve.

    The PB hose goes to the back to the 3pt.

    The OUT hose from FEL goes back to the sump.

    If you are going to use the QD's, make sure they are working correctly.

    Remove the QD from the pump and leave it off. The pump needs a relief valve in case the hose is dead headed, which will blow the pump, or snap the shaft, which is what may have already happened.

    If you have flow in the above test, then the pump is probably good.

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    Default Re: KAMA TS254C Hydraulic hook ups

    Quote Originally Posted by lakespirit View Post
    Canyou describe how to hook up the hoses to do this?
    Sure. It has been described. Let me try.

    Look at your tractor picture. Can you identify P? That's the pump line. It's the QC closest to you in the picture.

    If you take that middle QC off, the one with the green band, I think you will drain your sump. So let's call that T for Tank.

    The front most of the three in the picture must the the lift...a "load beyond" the loader valve, so that would be a great place to use "power beyond."

    If you just want to start the tractor, connect pump to either of the remaining connections, but I'd suggest the front QC so you can try the lift.

    Don't be fooled by a lift that is up, but won't come down under gravity. I have to stand on my upper arms to get them to go down, and yours could be doing a bit of that. My lower lift links are removed for the digger, so it could just be mine that needs additional weight to go down.

    I could be wrong, I suppose, but there is wrong and then there is CRACK wrong. I believe if you hook the pump to either place, you can start the tractor without ruining a pump, but if that were my ultimate goal, not testing, I'd hook pump to that closest port, the one I am calling T.
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    Default Re: KAMA TS254C Hydraulic hook ups

    Did you ever get it hooked up? hose coming out of top of valve is Power Beyond and goes to the front most connector on the tractor, on most valves the hose going into the bottom of the valve is the pressure port, it will go to the pump. the one that is left is teh return line and it goes to the fitting in between. THis is where the drain plug was and is the location to drain your hydraulic oil also. Once hooked up if all works OK you might switch some ends so not all ends on the loader are female, it will simplify hooking up. If your 3 point does not have pressure I suspect you may have sent the return line to the lift box instead of the Power beyond line.

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