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    Default foton 404 power steering

    My Foton 404 4wd (11 yr old) has always had lots of play in the steering wheel. yesterday the hydraulic steerimng piston attached to the front wheels stopped working. the steering wheel just spins like it's not connected. no leaks are found at hydraulic connections or hoses. all other hydraulics are working.

    There is a blue hydraulic valve at the end of the steering column where hydraulic lines are attached?

    Where should i look for broken/failed mechanisms? is that blue box the source of the problem?

    thanks for any ideas/ thoughts on getting this fixed!!

    bill perkins

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    Default Re: foton 404 power steering

    Bill, I have a 2004 foton but my steering has always been tight. Just not responsive just after I got it. A good easy test would be to lift the front end off the ground and pick a direction to turn the wheels. Turn the wheels to one direction with no weight on them.. if they turn freely disconnect the line on that side and stick it in a bucket.. restart the tractor and continue to turn that direction.. does the fluid from it run clean? Is it constant or pulsing? The 404 has a reputation for the pwr steering hydraulic pump and the control valve. If the didnt turn easy, i would suspect the pump. If they pulsed i would suspect the valve. Click on my name and look for my power steering post.. some great knowledge and advise in there from a couple of the guys here on tbn

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