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    Default Farm Pro Jinma 200 Decent tractor and price question.

    Looking at a Farm Pro 2420. 2003 year. 2 wheel drive. Can purchase for $2200. 400 hours. Would like to use with a 4 foot brush hog. Is this a good tractor?



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    Default Re: Farm Pro Jinma 200 Decent tractor and price question.

    If it has been well maintained that is a decent deal. If it hasn't, run away. If it's in good shape it will outperform anything else you can get for that money.

    My experience is that parts are widely available from online dealers, and relatively inexpensive. This is especially true of the 200 series.

    This was not an expensive tractor when it was new, I recall it was around $3500 for the bare tractor. Many were sold to inexperienced users who didn't know the importance of oil changes, air filters or coolant. These tractors are heavy and tough, but can be damaged quickly if run without an air filter or proper lubrication. In particular, if allowed to overheat the head gaskets blow quickly. On some versions the radiators were positioned so they were prone to clogging with chaff and they would overheat easily. Once the head gasket is blown the oil can get contaminated and other engine parts can fail.

    Do not buy this tractor if it doesn't start easily and run smoothly, or if all the cylinders don't fire. We get a lot of people here who buy Jinmas that are running rough and they get them home and open them up and find out the head gasket is shot. For more detail, see my post #6 on this thread:

    A Jinma with a blown head gasket is actually a good project, they're not that hard to fix. I just wouldn't pay any money for it.

    By modern standards the weatherproofing on these tractors is poor. They need to be stored indoors. Do not buy it if it looks like it was stored outdoors.

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    Default Re: Farm Pro Jinma 200 Decent tractor and price question.

    We have a FarmPro 2420 and I agree 100% with the guy above. And you had better be prepared to work on it yourself. Not many mechanics are interested in even touching one of these.
    It works pretty well overall though!


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    Default Re: Farm Pro Jinma 200 Decent tractor and price question.

    We have found that a lot of dealers are now working on these tractors because they know they have a parts source, we sell parts to kubota,New Holland, John Deere dealers all the time,we have also bought several used or Trade in tractors from them.They do require a little hands on but are a good value for the money.Our new models Have the Perkins Tier IV diesel and have a 2- year warranty from Perkins USA,still about the same money as they were a few years ago

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    Default Re: Farm Pro Jinma 200 Decent tractor and price question.

    My 2007 has almost 700 hrs on it now and I love it. Very basic tractor that is easy to work on and maintain. It would handle that 4' BH no problem. If the fluids look good and the tractor does too I would have no problem buying it. Lots of great advice here when needed.

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