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    Default Jinma 254 - Hydraulic Washer Question

    I pulled the trigger on a used 254, so here I go.

    First issue I'm tackling is a leaky washer on one of the banjo bolts on the diverter. They were a bit cracked and one of them would leak pretty bad under pressure.

    Heard good things about Affordable Tractor around here so I ordered from them.

    I ordered the 20mm rubber coated hydraulic washers (I'd share a link but I'm still too new).

    Here's the product I got:
    Jinma 254 - Hydraulic Washer Question-20170104_211556-jpg

    I went ahead and put them on:
    Jinma 254 - Hydraulic Washer Question-20161231_174315-jpg

    They leak like crazy now, as soon as I even try to start the tractor. I hit up Tommy at Affordable and he said they're crush washers and I probably didn't have them tight enough. I tightened them as much I felt comfortable (I'm by no means a small guy) to the point where I was afraid I might break the mounting bracket. They still leak a lot.

    Any suggestions? Is this the wrong product or do I just need to eat more wheaties?
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    Default Re: Jinma 254 - Hydraulic Washer Question

    For a low grade 20 mm bolt the recommended torque is 166-188 ft. lbs. Since it's a banjo bolt, and probably low grade, I'd cut that torque in half to 83 ft. lbs. Do you have a torque wrench?
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