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    Default TY290 engine / 2i70 fuel injection pump

    Hello everyone, I am new to Chinese Tractors as of 3-weeks ago but have 22 plus years in trucking and working on diesels. I took on a project 3 weeks ago for a friend of mine and I've hit a brick wall. I need input from other diesel mechanics who have battled this problem.

    The project: non-running tractor.
    Model ID: Homier FarmPro 2420 / Jinma tractor 200 series.
    Engine: TY290 2-cyl, 20Hp.
    Engine hours: 27 actual
    Tractor setup: Basic, no hyd-attachments.

    I found a non responsive tractor of which I've brought electrical system back on line with a minor repair to starter solenoid. Next tractor will not start. Check, no fuel being pumped. Checked all lines, filter, and strainer. No air leaks, no blockages. Upon further inspection found fuel inj-pump dry as a bone. No oil inside pump. Owner claims that after he bought tractor he had a runaway engine condition but was still able to use tractor upto 5 months after incident. Lack of oil in speed governer the problem. However after that 5 month run the tractor quit running and hasn't ran since. That was 9 months ago.

    Although fuel inj-pump non-responsive, I used a prop against the fuel primer and gave a couple of pumps and started engine. Provided I continued pumping gently on the primer the tractor ran beautifully but the minute I quit pumping the tractor died. My prognosis to owner, needs new fuel injector pump.

    Fuel injector pump (2i70) which is the pump for that unit however it didn't match the one that came off it. I estimate the old pump was an early Chinese design. I properly mounted new pump, setting up drive gear clock settings, filling inj-pump with Penzoil HD30 wgt oil, re-attached fuel lines and installed new WIX 33361 fuel filter. After spending forever purging fuel system of air, I attempted a first start using proper cold weather starting protocol. NOTHING. I have rechecked fuel reaching nozzles which is now very strong and engine is trying to start but after it runs 3-5 seconds it stops.

    I have yet to confirm pump timing by pulling number one injector line off pump, but have confirmed that drive gear is turning as well as fuel inj-pump camshaft. I have tried unsuccessfully for three hours to start this engine and still nothing. Because the glowplugs are functioning on this engine, I am not using ether because I don't want to further complicate the process. At either rate, this engine is trying to start and can't.

    Because there is some healthy black smoke coming from the exhaust pipe, I wonder if I have a fuel overload condition. When I attempt to add throttle during start the engine boggs ways down and then I must decompress engine to bring rotation speed back up. I remember the Detroit 6-71/238Hp engines were bad for this but that was due to fuel leaking down into combustion chamber while engine was off (fuel loading). You'd start that Detroit engine and smoke could be seen from the space station.

    Back to my project, I've made a promise to this friend that I'm gonna get this cute little tractor of his running but after 3 weekends of this I'm beginning to wonder myself. I don't get it, this diesel engine design is what I started out with some 22 years ago. It's not new to me but I've hit a brick wall. Does anyone know something I don't, or can someone clue me into something that maybe I've missed myself. I've followed protocol and have still failed. Please send the Chinese Gods to help me figure this out...

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    Default Re: TY290 engine / 2i70 fuel injection pump

    It's apparently not uncommon for these tractors to be crated for ocean transport with very dirty fuel still in the tanks, and it only gets worse during the ocean voyage. Diesel bugs too sometimes. The fuel system was then quite likely not purged once that tractor was assembled on this side of the pond. There's a strainer inside the tank, accessible by removing the fuel cutoff valve above the sediment bowl. There's at least one inline strainer built into the fuel line banjo fittings. And some fuel cutoff valves are defective, opening and closing at other than intuitive positions. You can check the hole alignment when the shutoff valve assembly is removed from the fuel tank to clean the in-tank strainer. The strainer is at the very top of the assembly.

    The runaway engine could have been caused by some of that dirty fuel crud making an injection pump plunger stick. Might account for some of your black smoke too. But if it only runs while you're stroking the hand primer, there's a good chance the injection pump assembly is bad. There aren't many places to get the separate pump assembly components, you're pretty much stuck buying the whole thing. At least Chinese replacement parts are priced reasonably, a whole new assembly (not rebuilt) isn't much over $300.

    Shouldn't be too hard to verify pump timing though, just pull the inspection cover on the pump drive gear housing. There should be marks inside the housing and behind the fan blades. I don't have a TY290 manual, but I'm guessing timing is about 14BTDC@2300 or so. I'd expect the injection pressure to be at least 1900 psi. Hopefully someone with a TY290 manual in hand can correct my numbers if necessary

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    Default Re: TY290 engine / 2i70 fuel injection pump

    We have the manuals as well as a replacement pump if needed,it sounds like a problem with the pump.If you take # 1 off and spin over the engine to you get fuel out of the pump.? There is a screen in the bolt that connects the fuel line to the injector pump also that has caused some problems.We have had fuel overload before also and the tractor will not start,first we need to make sure the pump is working correctly.

    Let me know if we can help

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    Default Re: TY290 engine / 2i70 fuel injection pump

    you have to time that new pump you installed, if you don't you will get fuel overload since it is introducing fuel at the wrong point of the stroke of the piston.
    The old pump that you had to hand pump to keep running, the cause is most likely the lift pump cam is worn out to the point it won't pump due to no oil in the injector pump.
    TIme the new pump like a old 673 inline Mack, pull #1 line, set engine on timing mark, rotate pump body toward the engine or away from engine depending on what it needs until fuel seeps into #1 hole on the pump, you must be pumping the hand primer pump while rotating the injector pump body to generate fuel to that point or it won't show up in #1 hole.
    If it won't time your off in the front cover timing set up.

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    Default Re: TY290 engine / 2i70 fuel injection pump

    Thank you tat2z1969, you hit a jackpot now I just need to verify that. When I pulled the old pump off I was under the assumption that the pump had been improperly mounted to front gear drive but after some study I learned that the pump had rotated on its own immediately after separation but didn't get to witness that because it was still inside the cavity. Upon that finding I put the engine in decompression and rotated engine clockwise as seen from front to match the new inj-pump. It became apparent that the posibility existed that maybe I had mounted the pump gear drive 180* degrees out of phase but the fact that it's trying to start tells me I'm already close to timing.

    And yes you were also correct in my original investigation that the booster pump cam was indeed worn down due to lack of oil. For anyone reading this post please understand during your own services that checking the oil quality and level is extremely important on these Chinese diesel fuel injection pumps. The TY290 2-cylinder 20Hp diesel that I'm currently working on is very young (less than 27 total hours) and it failed that quick because of no oil inside the inj-pump. I have since instructed the owner of this tractor what oil to put inside his pump and the leveling process so that in the future this will become standard practice for him.

    Now for anyone reading this post who normally are either not around diesels or don't work on them, this procedure for these Chinese diesel engines does not apply to commercial diesel engines used today in the trucking industry or heavy equipment industry unless instructed to do so. Fuel injection pumps on these pieces of equipment receive oil automatically from engine and do not require no type of servicing. Understand that the Chinese manufacturers are using old hat technology from as many as 50 years in our past. Engines from then versus engines from today are as different as night and day. But do not get me wrong, I enjoy working on old hat diesels and thats why I took on this current project. I'm having the time of my life working on this Jinma tractor and will work on others as time permits.

    The problem exists that due to the lack of service manuals in the English language, those of us that are familiar with the technology work on them with already gained knowledge but sometimes must collaborate between each other to see what works and what does not with these Chinese diesels. We learn as we go and since I'm new to these Chinese diesels, I have some catching up to do so I can help other owners of these tractors.

    tat2z1969 I will make another post into my progress when I take another stab at this on Saturday Jan 27th.

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    Default Re: TY290 engine / 2i70 fuel injection pump

    You say 'old technology' like it's a bad thing (grin).

    Don't knock it too much.. that 'old tech' got us to where we are today..


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    Default Re: TY290 engine / 2i70 fuel injection pump

    Yes it did, and it's funny I mentioned "Old Hat Technology" because the gentleman who's tractor I'm currently working on gave me an old gray felt Chris Eddy western hat that he obtained in 1975 and it is in wonderful like new condition. If anything it reminds me that if you take care of something it will last forever. My dad has a pristine Ford 9N tractor that I'd die to have. These Chinese Tractors remind me of that period of simplicity.

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