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    Default Help with steel tracks coming off Kubota KX Excavator

    Me and a buddy have been running a kubota kx excavator for about 2 months now. Everyday while its in use, the steel tracks pop off track atleast 3-4 times per 8 hour day. We sit there with endless amounts of greese to get these tracks back on.

    Is it normal for the tracks to pop off this often? What could be some issues or worn parts to really inspect on this situation. All the sprockets in my opinion feel extremely rounded off. Would that be a bad track? Now the terrain is extremely muddy, clay, and rocky. It ranges from 2ft deep mud pits, to 20ft wide clay pits, with rock all inbetween.

    This was bought used, no telling what it has been through. The first day it was on site we had to call a guy to get the run around on putting the track back on.

    thanks to CHDinCT for refferring me here, and thanks for the help.

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    Default Re: Help with steel tracks coming off Kubota KX Excavator

    Some pictures are needed for an answer to your questions . Worn running gear working in mud and loose dirt would be my initial guess . The dirt spills into the track chains and the sprockets walk up on it and out of the chains .

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    Default Re: Help with steel tracks coming off Kubota KX Excavator

    I also have to agree, worn parts. It doesn't take much for a track to slip off if it is to lose or there are worn parts, especially in deep mud. You'll have to clean it out real good and inspect. Take some pictures that might help.

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    Default Re: Help with steel tracks coming off Kubota KX Excavator

    On my KX91-3 with steel tracks I have never had them come off in 5 years. My first thought would be that the piston that you grease which holds tension on the idler is leaking. Do you know that you have to pump grease into the grease fitting to tension the tracks? Also do you mean that either one or the other tracks are coming off? Pictures of the sprockets, idlers and tracks would be an asset.
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    Default Re: Help with steel tracks coming off Kubota KX Excavator

    Thanks for the responses, I really appreciate it! Sadly it will be sometime before i head up there to get some pictures, its remote about 130 miles from here, nearest water tap for a wash is about 10 miles.. ill see what i can come up with, thanks!

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