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    Default John Deere 302

    Hi everyone,

    Im new here and have some questions about a machine Im going to look at. Its a John Deere 302 loader/backhoe. What can anyone tell me about these?

    What can I expect to pay for one? How do I tell what year and what the engine specs are? How good are these? Should I look at something else?

    Anything you can tell me would be a bonus. I need it for moving or grading dirt, moving snow and for hauling wood from the woods to my woodpile and help with other heavy yard work. This will be for home only its not goign to be used for any serious heavy construction work.


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    Default Re: John Deere 302

    Hey Chris,

    I moved your post into the construction equipment section so more of our loader/backhoe experts will see it and help you out

    Thanks for joining!

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