Hi, thinking about this excavator. Yanmar mini Excavator - eBay (item 270593994950 end time Jun-21-10 18:14:49 PDT)

Anyone have experience or advice with these? I can't find much info or
specs on it, I think this is from the 80's? Anyone know how deep this
will reach? Or any other details on this model? Opinions on the offset boom?

It runs and seems to work, started right up, not really any smoke. Digs and lifts itself, by the dozer blade at least (not sure which has more downforce by design, the blade or the arm, maybe the dozer blade is easier to lift by). Been repainted to look nice. Hourmeter reads 4000. rubber tracks are decent tread left, it will spin the tracks pushing into a pile of dirt.

Couple things I noticed:
-travelling straight with both travel levers full forward, and
operating the boom at the same time, the tracks stopped turning
equally. It wasn't throttled up very far, so I'm thinking that's
normal, fluid going to the lower resistance (the boom) and not equally
to both track motors. didn't think to try it again with a little higher engine speed.
-bucket pins pretty loose, loose enough to clank, to be expected I guess

What other things should I look for? How to tell the condition of the turntable? (it spun all the way around smoothly.)

I need to excavate about 50 feet along a block foundation wall to
repair, need to get about 8 feet deep. And maybe later use it for
digging a garage foundation footer. And need to grade a small area,
about 60x40 feet, to chop maybe a foot off the top so it doesn't slope
toward the bad wall anymore. There's a hill to push the dirt down. Probably better off with just a tractor and grader box to take the dirt away. Or a dozer.

Thanks, Dale