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    Default 545d is slow to rev up!

    I have a 2001 new holland 545d with turbo, that is very slow to rev up, it idles fine, and starts fine, but when the throttle is applied it takes about 15-20 seconds to reach 1100 rpms and will not exceed that, and i am not sure but i think it should reach 2600 rpms in about 3 seconds, I put a new fuel filter on but I am not sure that it was the right one, it was actually bought for a bulldozer but it fit so I tried it, and it did seem to help a little, but there is still a problem, any help would be appreciated. thanks

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    Default Re: 545d is slow to rev up!

    Is there a steady flow of fuel available at the injection pump? There is a screen incorporated into the fuel shutoff valve in the tank bottom. If you have good flow to the pump, a later 545D should have an electric fuel shutoff solenoid in the injection pump. Remove it and check its operation.
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    Default Re: 545d is slow to rev up!

    could be a broken governor spring. When i tried to tweak my tractor, for some extra horses i required, i had the wrong screw and totally slackened the rpm governor. it didnt get more than 1000rpm with a full throttle. If that spring is broken it will cause the same effect. I would personally open it and do it myself, as long as its not any deeper in the governor, or the injector body itself.

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    Default Re: 545d is slow to rev up!

    Aneroid passing by, compesator spring in governor (no DIY there), air filter, exhaust recirc. solenoid stuck open (if equipped). What does your exhaust look like? Also, there is a PRV on the injection pump fuel cavity - if this is stuck open (debris) you will have very low fuel pressure - and performance.

    Has anyone seen the video of the runaway diesel engine that just had the governor worked on?
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