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    Default Re: Case 580 Hydraulic Cylinder seal replacement

    Quote Originally Posted by caver View Post
    It might be easier to remove the cylinder and work on this at home.
    Big sockets are always handy to have around heavy equipment......make sure you have a RUGGED vise/bench to take these apart......

    if not loosen up stuff on the machine, it sometimes helps...
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    Default Re: Case 580 Hydraulic Cylinder seal replacement

    I just use a large pipe wrench, either a 3' or 4'. It puts some teeth marks on the gland nut but never had a problem removing one no matter how rusty or stuck on. I usually break it free while they are still on the machine. If possible I try to get the cylinder tilted in a way so any oil in the housing can't leak out that way I only have to remove the rod side side of the cylinder.
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    Default Re: Case 580 Hydraulic Cylinder seal replacement

    Caver, I made a spanner with 2 pieces of flat stock bolted into a V with 5/16 bolts on the ends for pins. $81 + shipping is a lot for a seldom used tool. The gland should come out easily. I've never needed a big wrench for gland removal, & certainly never needed heat. Did one last week on a '67 580 that was original seal, or fragments thereof. The bolt on the piston end will need a big wrench & may need heat. MikeD74T

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    Default Re: Case 580 Hydraulic Cylinder seal replacement

    Thanks Mike, I too was thinking of making my own tool.

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    Default Re: Case 580 Hydraulic Cylinder seal replacement

    Been busy for a few days... The OTC1266 is the one I have and it works fine. Getting the gland off the cylinder isn't so bad. Take a smallish ball pein or shop hammer and tap on the cylinder tube about in overlaping lines about as far as you think the gland screws in. 3-4 inches on the ones I've done. Go all the way around the tube as best you can. Should come off somewhat easy. All the bolts on the piston ends have loctite on em. Take the nylon wear rings off and heat the bolt hot. Most any torch will do. I usually use a plumbers torch. I repaired the last cylinder in the field. JUst stuck the pin back through the rod end to hold it still. Keep asking questions till ya get it. I could also be bribed with food since your pretty close by.

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