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    Default Thoughts on a New Holland L425 for home use

    I'm starting to look into getting a small skid steer for around the house because I have people randomly dropping off fill dirt (need about 60 - 75 cubic yards as landscapers drop off their work) to fill in a large area in my yard. Since it's throughout the summer, rentals are getting to the point of hitting potentially 2 - 4k since each time somebody drops off, I really need to move it out of the way for the next person and it's spuratic.

    I've been keeping an eye out on used skid steers and one just popped up today, which was a New Holland L425 that the guy is asking 4k for (not going to pay that though). It's a smaller with with a max rated load of 1000 pounds, but I was hoping people with more experience would know if this would fit perfectly for what I need it for, moving around some broken up concrete and fill dirt that was dumped.

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    Default Re: Thoughts on a New Holland L425 for home use

    It'll move dirt just as well as any other old, small SS. But it all depends on the condition. This model seems pretty old, early to mid 80's is all I've seen. So that means there could be some maintenance issues. For what its worth, some auction sites have these much cheaper.

    I'd say its worth a look. But keep some money set aside for repairs and check into parts availibility.
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    Default Re: Thoughts on a New Holland L425 for home use

    I recently purchased a New Holland L325 with a blown up engine for $800. I ended up putting a 31 hp vanguard motor in it. The machine had 2300 hours on it, which isn't alot by any means.

    I think the L425 your looking at would be fine for you to move around dirt and broken concrete, but a couple things to look at.

    1) The Wisconsin VH4D engine, how does it run? these motors can be tempermental at times if not taken care of. It puts out 30 hp and can power the machine nicely and be overhauled easily enough, but it is something to look at.

    2) The pins on the loader boom. raise the loader boom all the way up, extend out the boom lock, get out and see how much movement you can get out of the boom assembly side to side and back and forth. The pins and bushings are all serviceable, but something to think about. There is a total of 10 of them and about $40 for a pin and bushing assembly.

    3) How do the hydro's feel? The hydro's can take alot of abuse and will last a long time as long as the fluid was kept clean. Run it a bit, let the machine get to a nice operating temp and then see how everything works. If the hydro's are weak, you'll notice it once the machine gets to operating temp.

    Everything on this machine is servicable. A complete new rebuilt hydraulic pump is less than $700, but it does take two of them. If your mechanically inclined and willing to maintain your equipment, the L425 would do a good job for you and last quite awhile.


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    Default Re: Thoughts on a New Holland L425 for home use

    I'd leave a gas powered skid steer right where it's at. Being gas it probably won't start when you go to use it.

    Mine is a small '93 JD made by NH with a 33 hp yanmar diesel 1200 lift rating.

    Other points of inspecting and service are right on.

    Vertical lift is more amenable to moving loose spoil over hard digging.
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