I have 300 acres, which is pretty much flat and what isn't flat I'm not interested in developing. My requirments are to clear about a thousand trees over the next couple years. None of the trees are very large, average about 8 to 12 inches. I will install a sewage lift station and 6,000 feet of sewage line with manholes every 500 feet. I'm running an 8 inch water line 1,000 feet, then splitting it for several more thousand feet. For the 3 phase power I'm bringing in I must clear a 45 foot path through the trees, which is in addition to the roads with must be wide enough for very large RV with drivers who are afraid of trees. I have a parking lot already cleard by dirt theives who have left a mud hole in the middle of my parking lot thats about an acre in size. I will clean this up and put in a liner to creat a nice pond, though I might make it smaller. Building pads are no larger than 1,500 feet for bathrooms and laundromats plus small meeting rooms.

I also need a small tractor with a brush hog, post hole digger and boxblade plus what ever comes up later.

I have $35,000 in my budget for tractors. I was thinking small dozer and a used kubota L35 would work, but both are under sized for this, and the preventive maintenance on the dozer is more than I'd care to deal with compared to wheeled tractors. I also thought about just hiring out all the work, but the money isn't enough and I won't have any tractors when they are done. I'm still going to contract out the finish of the roads and any large suprises.

I'm now thinking about buying a very large backhoe and a small 20 hp 4X4 tractor.

I can pick up a John Deer 710B with a brand new engine still in the crate for $13,000. My business partner in this owns a diesel truck repair business and can install the new engine at no cost. This is big enough to take out any tree, I can skid it to my burn pile. The two yard FEL and almost one yard backhoe bucket should handle just about anything.

I really like Kubota for small tractors, but the Branson has also caught my eye. My main concern in all equipment is replacement parts, and this is where Kuboto seems the better choice. The small J.D. stuff is too pricey and N.H. doesn't interest me at all.

I really apreciate all the informtion everyone has provided and look forward to your responses.