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    Default Re: Knocking pins out of excavator bucket teeth

    Well, it took a lot of PB Blaster and a week of evenings with a punch and a heavy mallet, but I got three of the teeth replaced. Tonight I drilled out the mushroomed part of pin #4 and spent three hours with the punch and mallet. It finally came out and I got the last tooth replaced.

    So the solution appears to have been brute force.
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    Glad you got them out. The best luck I have had is with PB Blaster and a pin punch bit in my air hammer. They come out much faster than with just a hammer and punch.


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    Default Re: Knocking pins out of excavator bucket teeth

    PB blaster is probably one of the better off the shelf penetrating lubes and works great, but can't work miracles. Like anything though for it to work right it needs time.

    An old machinist trick I was taught was melting candle wax into the threads of stuck or snapped off bolts. It has worked for me just requires a lot of patience.

    When removing stuck fasteners I always hit them with a ball peen hammer dead on many times throughout the process. It sometimes can help shock it and break away some of the rust.

    At the end of the day though there is still no replacement for heat. Heat it up good and hot, then shock it with cold water.

    An air hammer is your friend. Get the best one you can afford and keep that thing lubed up. Get lots of bits for it too. My favorite one is actually for rivets. It has a internal dome to it so you never slip off of the bolt or pin your driving. The one I have is a PH3050A Snap-On. New they're pricey but you can keep your eyes peeled for a used one. I got it during a promotion where you got the quick change coupler free. Much nicer than the spring. That hammer has some nuts. Doesn't really ever let me down. Snap-On actually has lifetime warranty on all of their bits surprisingly. My tool guy said just keep sharpening the chisel until it runs out then you'll get a new one.

    Good luck.

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