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    john deere 450 c dozer

    Default john deere 450 c dozer

    can anyone tell me on my fuel pump, its a roosa, if the fitting on top the return line hooks to, i think its a check valve of some sort how does it seal just got this machine and i cant tell exactly how that joker is supposed to seal. thanks Bo also i traded a 6x4 gator, it run good, but had cancer real bad.i bought the gator for $400 and traded even for the dozer. do you think that was a pretty good deal? dont really know the value of the dozer

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    Depends on the condition of the dozer. Currently scrap steel is around $165/ton depending on area.

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    There are just too many things that we don't know about the dozer. Trans if bad can cost thousands to fix, tracks can be pricey also.

    If it runs with a little work you got a steal. If it's whipped (engine, trans and tracks bad), probably a fair trade.
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    That dozer weighs 14400lbs according to Deere. If Bob is correct that scrap is bringing $165/ton then you have almost $1200 worth.

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