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    Default Re: backhoe size

    Quote Originally Posted by red belly View Post
    I Googled it and they look like tractors with 3 point backhoe. Little to new and pricy for me anyway. I'm more curious about a dedicated backhoe from the 70's or 80's. Like a 420 Ford (I don't think it is small enough, just the only example I could think of)
    No - the kubota TLB's are frame attached BH's that can be removed for 3PT work. Also in the same class are the JD110 series - a little more maybe than the L35 Kubota. You can find used B21's for $10-16K and L35's or JD110 series high teens to mid $20K range.

    But as others have said get the BH you need/want and then the trailer.
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    Default Re: backhoe size

    Quote Originally Posted by Pops15 View Post
    A TLB like you're talking about from the 70's or 80's is going to weigh double or even triple what your trailer will haul. I have a 1980 Ford 555 and it weighs in the 15,000 range. Even a little 800 series Ford tractor from the 50's with a hoe on it will weigh more than your trailer is rated for.
    How far and how often will it need to be transported?
    IMO you should buy the machine based on the work you need it to do, then buy the appropriate tow rig.
    Even the +6,000 L35 is too heavy for your trailer and that is about as small a machine you would want for anything more than yard work. Trade in trailer and decide what TLB or excavator works best for you, I realize trading the tow vehicle may not be an option, but a 3/4 ton will haul up to a L45 or JD 110. You can do a lot of work with these size machines, just taking smaller bites.

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    I believe that the smallest construction grade backhoes made in the 80's were the JD 210 (unsure of the years) and Case 480. Both to big and heavy for your trailer.

    I think JCB had a small machine too, but not idea of the model or year.
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    Default Re: backhoe size

    Quote Originally Posted by LD1 View Post
    Great advise.

    I dont think they made a small enough backhoe in the "era" you want.

    They were all big and LONG. Not nearly as compact and tight and todays style. The vintage of the 60's and 70's, An 8000lb machine with an OAL in excess of 22' was a small machine back then. Unless you got a "farm tractor" with the 3PH backhoe add on.

    We found a 1983 well worn JD 310B back hoe and hired a farmer to move it then bought the trailer. For $7200 it starts, runs and works well for the three years we have owned it but at 12K+ pounds one needs to be looking at a trailer with a gross of 16K-20K. These years are not ideal for yard work or inside of most buildings. They are cheap and will work hard loading, digging clearing ground with big trees, etc but they require real trucks and trailers to move. For 10 miles or less personally I just drive it on the road but I live in a rural area where there is farm equipment on the roads often. There are risks loading, hauling and unloading heavy equipment.

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    Default Re: backhoe size

    I have the B26 commercial grade TLB which is the latest model in the kubota dedicated TLB. The B20 and B21 are also commercial grade just older models. Any of these models will fit on your trailer as they weigh in at 4000# Anything larger and you arent going to be able to haul it on your trailer. I have done a lot of work with my B26. The major drawback to these is the price however you can find B21 in the $10K range with 800-1200 hours on them which is still well within hours for a good used TLB. Look at the specs on these machines (weight, digging force and depth) and you will see that they are quiet different from a 25-35 HP CUT with backhoe attachment.
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    Default Re: backhoe size

    when you say no 3pt hoe.. are you refering to only 3pt by itself.. or would you consider a 3pt hoe that was subframed?

    a cut/scut and a hoe, while not a land clearing machine like a trackhoe.. can still do LOTS of work. I have a woods 6500 on an olf ford 850 and it is 3pt but I welded up a subframe for it.

    it digs nice...

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    Default Re: backhoe size

    Anyone know what the OP eventually decided? Did he bite off more than he could chew?

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