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    Default Re: What size roller for gravel driveways/parking lots?

    I had a similar situation as you, I was looking for a used vibratory roller and they were either whipped or very expensive. I also was not to excited abut having one more engine/piece of equipment to maintain. If you have a skid steer that you use for grading, try looking for a used vibratory roller attachment, I picked one up off of Craigs list and have been very impressed, plus if you need to travel to a job you only need to transport one machine instead of two, just my 2cents. Best of luck with your hunting
    If it has anything to do with diesel, dirt, and shiny things, I'm interested....

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    Default Re: What size roller for gravel driveways/parking lots?

    Quote Originally Posted by Foxtrot08 View Post
    Looking to get a used roller to help maintain our long gravel driveway (1/2 mile) and parking lots at work for our semi-trucks.

    What size should I be looking at? I found a Ingersoll-Rand DD22 about an hour from me, in my price range with low hours on it. It's a 2-4 ton machine with vibration. Plus, still easily transportable at a 3 ton weight.

    Is this enough, or should I be looking bigger?
    Here's the roller my contractor used to install my gravel driveway (20 ft W x 330 ft L, 6" thick crusher run, three 2" lifts, water and roll each lift) and the asphalt paving to connect it to the county road.

    What size roller for gravel driveways/parking lots?-roller-vibrating-jpg

    Good luck

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