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    Default 1987 Case 850D Operating Advice/Questions

    I recently acquired a Case 850D dozer and have a few questions. The lever just below the seat, to the left, coming up from the floor pan, what is this for? The 3 pedals, the 2 closest, steering? The one next to the throttle, clutch? What type of fluids go in the trans/final drive? I am guessing brake fluid goes in the 2 reservoirs under the engine access panel. Sorry for all the questions, I know very little about this machine. I have experience on a small Komatsu dozer (D21), none on Case. Any advice on operating, maintenance, weak spots, what to watch for etc. is much appreciated.

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    Default Re: 1987 Case 850D Operating Advice/Questions

    A picture would help..., but I'll try to remember from memory...

    The lever coming up on the old 450 was a high and low. High was only used on several occasions if we needed to tram it a long distance. Probably will never need it, as the high side in low is plenty fast enough to tram around on a farm. Tracks have little mercy on one's back...

    The two pedals should be steering brakes. Half way down will kill the track, on down will apply the brake for a sharp turn. I'd have to see the one next to the throttle... They have no clutch. Torque converter drive.

    Not sure if the D series has the tower you straddle, with 3 levers. The 2 tall ones are separate track controls. The short one is F & R. What I always liked about the Case was, you can have one track in low, and the other in high, and make a power turn. We did a LOT of channel work straightening creeks, and even small rivers, and it sure came in handy in the type of work.

    Depending one the type of dirt you were working in, and the slope, you could also put one track in the neutral position, between high & low, and make a slow turn, like pressing on one brake pedal, to kick out the track, but not apply the brake. Did this a lot on the old 450C as it had dry brakes. Working in creek channels sediment would get in the brakes. When you stepped on them to make a turn...., WHAM..!! It would grab right now. Most times, not exactly what you wanted to do. There was no feathering to it, until they were taken apart, and cleaned up, which we did probably 5-6 times a year.

    TCH in the trans. finals.

    I'm not sure about the master cylinders. My 480C hoe uses brake fluid, but I'm thinking on the next series they went with TCH in them too. Maybe dip something clean in it, and take a sniff.

    I checked Case Construction. An Operator's manual is $52 & some change. On ebay, there is a decent looking used OP manual for like $37, w/free shipping. May be a good investment...!!

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