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    Default Re: Track conversion for Skid Steers

    Is that the machine that is over 100 hp? What kind of work are you going to do with it?

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    Default Re: Track conversion for Skid Steers

    Be very weary of the VTS system. There is no replacement for a dedicated planetary outdrive. This system is viewed as a "attachment" and will not be covered under the units parent manufactuers warranty.

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    Default Re: Track conversion for Skid Steers

    The VTS has been in the market for over 2 years now and has various sizes ranging in price to cover a wide range of machines. The price starts at $11,500. The system has an impeccable reputation for being a valid attachment and although select manufacturer's warranties may be voided with installation, some manufacturers do not take that stance. If that is a concern to the user, Loegering provides a service contract that can be purchased to cover machine failures in the event that the manufacturer's warranty will not cover failure.
    Most, if not all, track machines are going for far more than $11,500 - $15,000 new and have the following:
    -Higher depreciation than your skid steer loader at trade in
    -Depending on Mfg, may or may not have suspension
    -Higher operating costs
    -Lack the versatility of taking the track on and off when needed
    -Down time when it needs service
    -Pay premium to purchase track every time you buy a new track machine, can not bring undercarriage to new machine

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    I have had my VTS tracks since Dec. 2004. I was one of the first to get a set. I was pretty skeptical getting something that wasn't on the market for a while. I did a lot of homework on the system and found Loegering very helpful. They gave me access to the people that did the testing and I got a lot of valuable information before the purchase.
    I use them on a S250 Bobcat and I am very happy with them. They paid for themselves in less than one year (I calculate this by the jobs I got that I wouldn't have if I didn't have them). I have various experience using MTLs in the past. I have used Cat 287, Bobcat T300 and T190, and numerous ASVs.
    My interest in the VTS came about when I identified jobs that I could get or do better with a track system, but couldn't justify a dedicated machine. I previously used a set of grouser steel over the tire tracks which added a significant capability to a skid steer but had some drawbacks. The VTS system doubled the capability that the over the tire steel tracks did but with none of the drawbacks.
    The things I really like about them are:
    More versatility than a dedicated machine
    They work great with my 2 speed
    On and off doesn't take much longer than steel over the tire tracks
    The suspension is great
    They are wearing very well
    Absolutely no problems (I use my equipment hard but I don't abuse it and I am good with my maintenance.
    They are the easiest to clean of all the MTLs I have used in the past.
    The design is very open and therefore very easy to clean. Hardly any spots to trap mud. The track tension is very easy to adjust. I have found, though, that not much adjustment is needed. I attribute this to the very large drive sprocket which engages more teeth of the track than any other steel imbedded drive system in MTLs. I think this spreads out the force on the track and reduces the tendency to stretch the track.
    Basically the VTS system gave me the advantage of another machine and paid for itself in less than a year. To me that makes good business sense.
    I would be happy to answer any questions you may have about this system.

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    Default Re: Track conversion for Skid Steers

    Now on the VTS webpage you will find footage of the Construction & Landscape Expo. Loegering delivered 13 skid steers equipped with VTS for demonstration. The VTS - Versatile Track System® performed flawlessly in both dry and wet conditions. The show was 3 days long and blessed with 4.5 inches of rain in 24 hrs. A big THANK YOU to all that attended!

    Feel free to share this link with friends!

    Website: Loegering Mfg. Inc. / Products
    Link title: 2006 Construction and Landscape EXPO NEW!

    - Loegering Mfg.

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    I will sum up my experiuence with a copy of the e-mail I recently sent Loegering.

    I for one am quite happy and impressed by the system.

    To: Logering manufacturing and its employees.

    From: Calvin S Johnson.

    I am one of many skid steer loader owners who made a near fatal mistake when purchasing my loader.

    I bought a Bobcat S205 rubber tire machine depending on the “power of 4 wheel drive” to get the jobs done.

    Well my friends let me tell you a thing or two about 4 wheel drive and rubber tire machines. It means very little to almost nothing in low traction conditions.

    If I had even a slight sprinkling of rain on a jobsite I was out of business until it dried up. Four wheel drive became 4 wheels stuck.

    I also found that traversing inclines and declines was like walking on eggshells. My advice with rubber tire machines is to stay on near flat surfaces with dry high traction conditions.

    I spent a lot of time looking at over the tire systems and different tires with more aggressive patterns but could not convince myself that either of these were acceptable or long term solutions.

    Enter Logering manufacturing.

    I looked at the VTS system and was immediately interested. Not only did it meet my needs it also saved me on what an equally capable track machine would cost.

    The design has several things I liked.

    Open design for ease of maintenance and cleanup.
    Heavy duty mechanical style tensioning system with no grease seals to fail due to dirt.
    Aggressive track design.
    Bolt on installation.
    Extended surface contact to improve machine stability.

    Since I have purchased this system my life has changed.

    Jobs I would not have even quoted before are a snap to complete.
    Lifting capability due to the extended wheelbase is astonishing.
    Traction even in mud is fantastic.
    Pushing power is easily tripled compared to the tire configuration.

    I use my machine for grading to prepare for landscape installation, log loading for tree removal, delivery of boulders for yard decoration, concrete demolition, and many other smaller tasks.

    I can now even dig where digging was a challenge even in soft soils before the tracks were installed.

    In short I’d like to extend my appreciation to the folks at logering for doing a fantastic job in designing a solution for those of us who had rubber tire machines and needed tracks that are reliable, sturdy, and easy to maintain. I could not be happier with my purchase and I also could not be more satisfied with Dave Gibson and Tim Chupp of Lashley Tractor sales for the professional service in acquiring and installing the system and their time spent with me during the decision process.

    A special thank you to Greg Rosten who endured my many calls asking questions about the system and in answering my e-mails immediately. I do a lot of my communication via e-mail and I cannot tell you how many of my inquiries to other companies seem to just vanish into thin air never to be answered or took weeks for a reply.

    With sincere thanks,

    Calvin S Johnson.

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    Default Re: Track conversion for Skid Steers

    was in land-clearing for years with d 8 cat-sold cat but needed tracks for my case 420 to move 400 truckloads while cleaning out my fishpond.a set of tracks from righttrack-edmonton cost me less than $4000.00 against $20000.00 to $30000.00 added on a new machine.i moved another 70 truckloads for topsoil this spring.also took out 24 fairly big spruce trees and did some more work in a get 3 to 5 times the traction with tracks over tire machine plus you dont get bogged down in wet areas.overall tracks are a very cheap investment.the ones i got are repairable and low maintainence.need any info contact me at 780-352-8441

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    Default Re: Track conversion for Skid Steers

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    I know serval guys that ran the vts system each one of them had tons of problems with the bearings going out all the time dealer said they we're running tracks to tight but they couldn't keep the tracks on unless they we're tight
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    Default Re: Track conversion for Skid Steers

    Cat, I've never seen the VTS system in person, but it looks like it drives only off of the rear. Maybe I'm missing something, but it seems like it would be pretty tough on the rear chain.

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