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    Default Thomas 245 HDS skidsteer

    I am looking to buy oine of these used and am looking for any opinions -

    My use will mainly be using the snow thrower to clear my road (1/3 mile) 200"s of snow and lots of drifting. I will also use it so deck piers ect - I am a contractor.

    $20K gets me this:

    * the machine - it is old a 1990 and only has 800 hours of residential landscaping work

    * the attachments are - forks, bucket, snow thrower, auger and 2 bits

    * has heated cab and block heater

    * set of foam filled and regular tires - 2 sets of chains

    * the engine is Deutz

    Thomas is out of New Brunswick Canada. And everything up here is usually 10% more than the lower 48.

    Any thoughts or opinions - really appreciate any imput - THX

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    Default Re: Thomas 245 HDS skidsteer

    You need traction in the snow and on the ice. You would be 10 times more productive with a dedicated track machine. ASV is best suited for your needs. Give me your email address and I will send you evidence as to why you would be making a serious mistake to go with tires or a rigid mounted rubber track loader.
    With $20k you can find one in good condition.
    email address?

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    Default Re: Thomas 245 HDS skidsteer

    Hey thanks the address is

    From what I have been told the track system does not work well here in the snow - I am talking a pretty good amount of snow. Conventional wisdom up here says go with the tires and chains. Mind you this is a gravel bedded road and is not off road.

    Nonetheless I am very interested in learning your thoughts as why tracks are superior in this application - I do not want to make a serious mistake and thought I would be by getting a tracked machine until your post here.

    Let me know what you know...

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    Default Re: Thomas 245 HDS skidsteer

    We sell alot of Thomas loaders. Very good machines. Alot of our customers do clear snow. I would say that the tires and chains would be better over the ASV tracks.

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    Default Re: Thomas 245 HDS skidsteer

    I own a thomas 1700 bought it new in 02 and use it to plow a 600 ft driveway in maine everywinter and have never had an issue with traction, dont even use chains. i use it mostly for construction sites, ie spreading dirt and forks for lifting building matarials and have loved the machine. 600 hours of hard construction time and no problems.

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    Default Re: Thomas 245 HDS skidsteer

    I own both a ASV RC50 and an S220 up here in Wisconsin and the RC50 out pushes my Bobcat hands down in the snow. I also used to sell Bobcat and I understand how tracked machines have gotten a bad rap for pushing snow. The rigid mounted undercarriages are just like tires. When you put down pressure on the bucket edge or blade the front of the tracks come off of the ground and all of the benefits of the track are lost. The ASV has a suspension that allows the tracks to stay on the ground when pushing snow (or dirt). Good luck with your decision.

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