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    Default Davco Brush Cutter

    Hello all,

    Anyone have experience with a Davco Brush cutter? It's the closest thing I can find to a mulcher for rental in my area (Nor Cal). Wondering if its end result will look more like a mulcher or more like the results of my CUT's rear rotary mower.

    Looks like it will be mounted on a bobcat T250. Will be going after coastal scrub brush, up to about wrist size and slightly greater diameter.



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    Default Re: Davco Brush Cutter

    I just traded in my Davco 705 for a mulcher. The Davco left a lot of material uncut. Frequently, brush would get wrapped around the spindle, above the cutter plate, stalling the cutter. I kept a steel cable in the cab, shutdown, get out, get cable around the stuck tree to a standing tree, then backup the machine to unwrap the spindle. Lost work time.

    See my analysis at:

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    Default Re: Davco Brush Cutter

    The Davco Head throws material can be dangerous They have band it's use in some areas to the material throw. It is a slashing procedure and leaves untouched material Fecon have introduced a FRM70 Head which is way better

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    Default Re: Davco Brush Cutter

    Rotary cutters are not comparable to mulchers. I have a brushmonster high flow. I bought it new and haven't used it but a few times. The rotory cutter is only comparable to a bush hog (a souped up one). It will leave large pieces and stumps, stubble, etc. It awesome if it's all you have... but if you have a mulcher you'll only use the rotary cutter to reach across an occasional ditch you need some extra reach on.

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