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    Default Ditchwitch J20

    Hello......anyone out there ever run an old Ditchwitch non-hydrostatic ride-on J20 or similar before? I just bought one at auction, everything seems to work OK but I can't seem to run it forward slow enough to dig with the boom in the ground. I think it has something to do with the "crowd" feature maybe? I have run a couple of trenchers before but they were both hydro and you could easily just creep along to dig.

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    On the 2200 there is a lever that swaps the 3 speed transmission from drive to dig. Then there is another shorter lever that then controls the drive. The J20 is a older model than the 2200 but basically the same size unit.

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    I have a J20. There is a valve on the lower left side of the "dashboard" that controls "crowd" speed. IIRC clockwise is faster and counterclockwise is slower. I renovated/restored mine and it trenches like a dream. I have the earlier model with lever steering. The later ones have a steering wheel. I have a manual if you need any info.


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    Man, that brings back memories. I ran a J20 for a couple of years back in the early 70's laying 4" PVC sewer pipe. My old brain recalls a lever to engage the crawl and then a small lever with a round knob sticking up on the left side next to the steering wheel to control the speed. The more that I think about it the more that I want to say that the crawl was engaged when the digging chain was engaged. The crawl was hydraulic and the main transmission had to be in neutral.
    We ran a 12" trench and didn't give any thought to wires or pipes. Standard proceedure when cutting a water line in someones yard was to get off and run. Then wait for the trencher to come to you and get back on. The good ole days.
    We also did drain fields too.
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    Default Re: Ditchwitch J20

    I have a never-used, totally rebuilt engine for e J20 still wrapped. -Chuck D, 505-281-3132

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